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*** Official Motorola Droid X Pre-Release Thread***

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  1. Bernard337

    Bernard337 Member

    Looks like the Droid 2 and A955 is supposedly the Droid 2

  2. kwest12

    kwest12 Well-Known Member

    ^ This is correct. It is no longer a secret that the A995 (right now named the Droid 2) is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT phone than the Xtreme (aka Shadow).

    I suggest that you remove that picture you posted to avoid confusing newcomers. I understand you were trying to be helpful, so thank you for the effort, but there really is no question about whether or not that picture is the Droid2 or the Xtreme.

    On a related note, thanks Rimzy for continuing to keep the OP up to date.
  3. jradicle11

    jradicle11 That Guy VIP Member

    My bad, I'll label it "Droid 2" and not the xtreme/shadow.
  4. Rimzy

    Rimzy Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys, i was looking at the pics from my ipod so i was not quite sure, wow so this is definitely true then, 2 motorola phones for vzw, i guess it gives people an oppurtunity to choose, keyboard or no key-board. I am hearing about a july release, which could tie in well if, pre-orders start, fathers day. ***fingers-crossed***
  5. Garemlin

    Garemlin Well-Known Member

    Ok I just noticed something that I didn't before. In the two Droid Life pics at the bottom of the first post it looks like it might actually be two different phones. if you look at the bottom pic there is what looks like a separation around the screen. Almost like the screen slides up. Could this possible be the Droid 2 and the pic above it be the Extreme?? Hmmmm
  6. jreed2560

    jreed2560 Well-Known Member

    no because the new pics of the droid 2 show that it doesn't have the physical buttons like the xtreme. it has the same soft touch buttons as most other android phones.
  7. maddigital

    maddigital Member

    I just got my hands on the X. Initial impressions.. high build quality. Screen is huge.. very similar to the Evo 4g.. Physical android face buttons are nice. did i say the screen is huge. . Im in the process of charging the battery. Booted with a normal moto screen and went directly to the home page and was greeted to an update notification. it was running a light skin. very responsive menu scrolling. the update applied a heavier skin and when I say skin, its like a launcher wrapper but there are additional options in settings, very similar to features that are in leaked 2.2 for the droid1 but it is running 2.1update1. Ill check in later after i play. Leaked pictures are accurate from what i recieved. I am comparing it to the incredible, droid1 and Nexus 1 I have. Please do not ask for pictures of the device as I cannot and will not provide. :) and btw.. i love the screen size..
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  8. Rimzy

    Rimzy Well-Known Member

    Ah thanks a lot! So the pictures are accurate, there is a hump then? Is it running motoblur? Do you have a release date? Thanks....
  9. wankingweiner

    wankingweiner Well-Known Member

    cool! can you tell us whether Moto blur can be removed or disabled? Im also dreaming here, but is there a sim card slot? I know its with Verizon but im looking for some hope this comes to Europe.
  10. irus

    irus Active Member

    can you at least measure the xtreme's screen and tell us the exact size I am trying to decide if i should wait for it or get another phone. also does it have an omap or snapdragon. Thanks
  11. jradicle11

    jradicle11 That Guy VIP Member

    Y'all are mobbing him with questions. If he is indeed a tester of the phone, there is only very little he can tell you. He is actually not even supposed to mention much of anything about the phone at all.

    And I've heard that it is going to have an OMAP3630.
  12. Droidmare

    Droidmare Member

    I'm salivating maddigital!
  13. irus

    irus Active Member

    with all do respect, you've heard but he knows. My questions weren't out of line, I did not ask for his address or pictures and there is no way for anyone at Motorola or Verizon to be able to identify this person because he confirmed the screen size and processor type. If he has the phone, and i assume he does, then he would know. So I'm asking because im trying to decide if i should wait for this phone or get the evo 4g.

  14. BigMace23

    BigMace23 Well-Known Member

    thanks maddigital... try and get some info on a release date if you can! hopefully the rumors are correct and there is only 11 more days until we get official information from verizon/motorola!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. jradicle11

    jradicle11 That Guy VIP Member

    I wasn't reprimanding you for asking too personal of questions. I've been in the phone testing program before and am currently in one right now. There is a strict ToA to be signed that really limits what you can leak to others. I was merely saying that there's quite a few things that he might not answer due to the agreement.
  16. irus

    irus Active Member

    My apologizes for the misunderstanding.
  17. jradicle11

    jradicle11 That Guy VIP Member

    No worries.
  18. Garemlin

    Garemlin Well-Known Member

    Appreciate any info you can give mad. I too am curious about the actual screen size. If the hump is obtrusive or ergonomical. And if the skin is actually Motoblur or a sense like skinning. And can it be disabled.
  19. maddigital

    maddigital Member

    thanks about the comments bout confidentiality.. yes i cant say much . I wont talk about OS specifics or hardware specifics. I think you can get a good idea from whats out there already.. I am not privy to any release info either. with that said I have a Droid 1 as my personal phone and try every rom that gets released. I was very impressed with the Incredible.. but there was nothing other than thinness that was appealing coming from the droid 1. This phone beats the incredible in build quality and speed at stock settings. it bests the droid 1 in build quality tho it doesnt have moving parts.

    more initial impressions that i can share
    -high build quality- feels strong - size will be tough for those with small hands
    -launcher very similar to some droid1 roms out there as seen in the leaked manual photo
    -can install other launchers- launcherpro and helix run FFFAST.. cant seem to get back the original one..it disappeared after installing a new one.. ill figure that one out later..
    -Fast fast fast- screens are silky smooth motion left and right and app tray is smooth- smoother than incredible (performance is faster with a launcher from market
    -many moto apps
    -there is def customization to the core os but it improves 2.1 compared to the droid1 2.1 and the incredible 2.1

    das all for now.. time to work
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  20. jreed2560

    jreed2560 Well-Known Member

    great initial impressions. Also try installing home switcher from the market. makes it easier to switch home replacements.
  21. ylexot

    ylexot Well-Known Member

    Can you give dimension comparisons? I.e. wider/narrower than X, taller/shorter than Y, thinner/thicker than Z.

    Thanks for the info!
  22. kwest12

    kwest12 Well-Known Member


    Thank you so much for the initial impressions. I am now 100% sure that I will be waiting on the Xtreme!!

    I do want to ask you a few questions. Please note, if you can't answer them or feel uncomfortable doing so, feel free to ignore them: I don't want to put any pressure on you or get you in any trouble.

    You seem to be more comfortable making qualitative comparisons to the Droid, Incredible and Nexus One and I can certainly understand why. I will play to that with my 'questions': below is a list of things I'd like to hear your comments on / comparisons of. Thanks for anything you can tell us! :)

    • Battery Life
    • Screen toughness (basically, is it Gorilla Glass for sure?)
    • Ear-speaker quality & volume
    • Speaker-phone quality & volume
    • Call quality and signal strength
    • Camera (low lighting in particular)
    • Camera app speed and shutter speed
  23. jreed2560

    jreed2560 Well-Known Member

    To add to that (and you had to expect you would get asked a million questions :D) how is the vibrate function on it. The Eris was horrible and I want to make sure this one will be better. Since you already have a Moto Droid and I've had the opportunity to demo one for two weeks, If you wanted to so you don't get in trouble, answer your questions in comparison to the droid IE Extreme has a stronger vibration than the droid.

    And thank you again for you input and per the previous poster any questions that are ignored are understood that you can't answer.
  24. leanbarton

    leanbarton New Member

    I really wish the xtreme had a keyboard. I hated the crappy little phone called xv6900 from Verizon. So I'm pretty sure I need a full qwerty after my touch pro 2.
  25. jradicle11

    jradicle11 That Guy VIP Member

    That's why Motorola is also going to release the Droid 2 which will have a physical keyboard.

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