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Official PRL Thread(3033)General

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  1. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    Hi all i'm making this thread for all to view and download all the prl's and the program to use to install it with, that way it will be easier for everyone and specially for the new comers. And i will update this thread whenever new prl's is release. Enjoy!!! ;)

    1. Installed QPST.

    2. From the start menu I found the QPST folder and started QPST Configuration

    3. Had my Admire connected and opened Device Manager and expanded the Ports icon. I took note of the COM number listed beside the DBAdapter Reserved Interface,which in my case was (COM15)

    4. In QPST Configuration I clicked Add New Port at the bottom right and selected the COM15 and enabled it.

    5. After that I went back to the start menu,QPST and opened Service Programming. A box popped up asking for a phone and since I only had the one I just clicked OK and a new box with alot of tabs opened.

    6. If you go to the Roam tab at the bottom there is a Preferred Roaming area with an area asking for a file. Browse for the PRL and when finished click the Write to Phone button at the bottom of the window. It will ask for your SPC. After that it writes to the phone and the phone reboots on its own. You should let it reboot fully and not unplug it from the computer or mess with QPST while it's doing so.

    When the phone is done booting you can close the program and unhook the phone. It took about 10 minutes for data to start working but 3G works fine on it when I'm in a 3G area. All my android phones is using the bloatware free stock ROM found on here and I've had no problems for weeks using it. Hopefully this can be helpful for someone and sorry if it's not made out too well,pretty bad at explaining things :p








    3027.prl - https://www.box.com/s/6474539569b7d2670eeb

    3028.prl - https://www.box.com/s/4f4dec919e41afa24957

    3029.prl - https://www.box.com/s/90ea18d1d46f437c9fe9

    3030.prl - https://www.box.com/s/dbc6ed2f1ae418b266ee

    3031.prl - https://www.box.com/s/k00c4uk3yfjp1ft6f51h



  2. kelerunar

    kelerunar Member

    i cannot seem to find the roam tab plz help me
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  4. kelerunar

    kelerunar Member

    thank you but now i need my spc and the website provided wont give it to me it says"The ESN/MEID you provided is not recognized at this time." plz help
  5. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

  6. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    Yes but you only have to put it in once. The SPC is only 6 digits and never changes...

    but either way works ;)
  7. sdkfreak321

    sdkfreak321 Active Member

    That is not necessary anymore. If you dial *228 abd press 5, you will get the latest prl which is now 3025!
  8. its44379

    its44379 Member

    I just got my Admire today. Dialed *228 and pressed 5, tried this multiple times in different locations in Orlando, FL mainly in the 32828 area code and hasn't worked. Keeps saying "can not update roaming at this time"...
  9. marple321

    marple321 Member

    Speed test on Rooted Amire using FFC Broadband test from area code 32953 Brevard, County, FLat 3G Speed to server in Atlanta

    I ran speed test on 3022.prl
    Download 112 kbps upload 47 kpbs @ 184 ms ping rate.

    I ran speed test on 3023.prl
    Download 49 kbps upload 78 kpbs @ 136 ms ping rate.

    will run on 3024 and 3025.prl soon.. Here it is...

    I ran speed test on 3024.prl
    Download 34 kbps upload 107 kpbs @ 175 ms ping rate.

    No noticeable battery changes in different prl settings.

    I ran speed test on 3025.prl
    Download 58 kbps upload 17 kpbs @ 177 ms ping rate.

    Reloaded 3022.prl this is the fastest prl and stongest db level for my area
    display shows 3G but 112 kbps is not 3G. Any help from anyone in Brevard, Co. FL. or anyone

    3026.prl auto loaded not forced or manual reloaded data speed using FC test as follows

    DL 44 kbps
    UL 42 kbps
    Ping Rate 177ms to Atlanta Server all test above to Atlanta Server
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  10. Mmazz

    Mmazz Well-Known Member

    Recently updated my prl from 3019 to 3025, still no 3G but my signal strength level jumped. Now I have voice service in places where I had no bars before. Just for kicks I loaded 3024prl, all of sudden, 3G popped up for the first time. Now, when I have 3G, I always have just one bar. My Internet says "Web page cannot be displayed." I lose signal a lot and the phone runs slower. Will be updating back to 3025.
  11. jordanishere

    jordanishere Active Member

    Prl 3025 . Got a weak 3g signal from an evdo network in Williamsburg Brooklyn.
  12. fonzi1289

    fonzi1289 Active Member

    3025 Weak here as well. 1 bar and connection keeps timing out. And the nearest 3G tower is 1 block down according to the app i have.
  13. piff

    piff Well-Known Member

    Im using my admmire on pageplus which has a massive coveragemap


    vs metros small coverage....


    I live in NY and was thinking about switching for a couple bucks more I get internet data
  14. DreamRaider

    DreamRaider Well-Known Member

    Well I've been switching around the prls to see which is best. Appearently the speed tests show of 3020 show me having 4g speeds right... yet when I tether things take long to load and don't work properly. and 3022 3g appeared for one second then vanished never to return :/
    On 3023 atm, speeds test keep showing me below edge, and it times out occasionally.... so yea... any way to keep 3g speeds? Someone posted 2023 got him 3g in atlanta, yet I never can :/
  15. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    added prl 3026 ;)
  16. DreamRaider

    DreamRaider Well-Known Member

    I get 3g only with 3022 wth o.o
  17. ATRAIN904

    ATRAIN904 Well-Known Member

    Location - Jacksonville Fl 32225 & work in Orange Park FL​

    Updated PRL from 019 via *228 no 3G
    Updated PRL using QBST following step by step instructions from this
    forum and got 3G using 025 until 026 came out now using 026.

    025 works in northeast florida
    average speed per speedtest app was 30-50kbs download & 100k up

    after updating to 026 now speedtest average says 100-150k down & 300k up!

    This phone is rooted, PRL updated for 3G, Adobe flash 11.0 working, & bloatware removed.

    I cannot stress how much improved this phone is now vs. 2 weeks ago when i first purchased it. Trust what you read on this site and as always cross reference with anything you find on google/youtube.

    Make sure to follow instructions exactly and will work.
  18. ATRAIN904

    ATRAIN904 Well-Known Member

    In switching to 026 from 025 PRL in Jacksonville Northeast FL
    It has improved speed here versus the 025 PRL which still works in providing a 3G indicator and gets 100k speed put iv tested up to around 160kbs average down speed on 026 so for now I am sticking with this one.
  19. nycnyc

    nycnyc Well-Known Member

    Tried this since I heard that there was 3G in Manhattan now with PRL 3026, but it didn't seem to work. Not only that, my data reception seems really spotty (in fact its almost nonexistent). I went back 3019, but I'm still having data problems. Tried using the *228 method and I'm back on 3026, but still no solution. Anyway to solve this problem?
  20. ATRAIN904

    ATRAIN904 Well-Known Member

    yes the 026 may not be the best one for your area if your towers are not using that prl or whatever .. try 022 023 024 for a day each then decide .. i had to try two of them before i tested almost 200k down and 400k up on mine in florida before i was getting 10kbs on 019 and no 3G symbol on my phone .. hope this helps
  21. nycnyc

    nycnyc Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I actually decided not to mess around with the PRLs anymore , but its been about a day since I installed 026. I've got data back, but no 3G... except for a few seconds when a 3G symbol flashed on my phone before it went back to 1X lol. I'm fine just waiting until 3G service gets stabilized here, but its nice to see at least a sign that it might be here.
  22. Buffy

    Buffy New Member

    Hi there!
    So, I'm a new owner of the Samsung Admire... I've only ever had one mobile before, and it was a little flip phone of a thing.
    Anyway, so I live in Washington, where the closest Metro PCS shop is a 10-hour drive away. . .
    So it's been kind of a hassle getting this new mobile. (They won't ship to a Washington address, won't let you buy with a Washington credit/debit card...)

    Anyway, I've got it now, only my internet doesn't really work. I'll connect to wifi when there's a good hotspot (however it doesn't connect to the internet in my home??). I'm really stupid when it comes to mobiles, so I have no clue what's going on. With my last little crappy mobile, I never had to adjust the settings for anything, ever. I just clicked the internet button, and I was online. Simple as that... So how do I set it up where I can do that with this mobile?
    I installed the QPST, but when I opened "QPST Configuration", my mobile didn't show up. I have it plugged in... Did I miss a step? Someone, please help. >_<
  23. ATRAIN904

    ATRAIN904 Well-Known Member

    no it will not show up on its own you need to right click on "my computer" click properties then expand the "com ports" tab and find out which com your phone is on while its plugged up to your computer via usb cable in debugging mode .. once you see what com port then go back into qpst and click add port then select that com number

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