***Official Samsung Fascinate 2.2 Speculation Thread***

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  1. SirKronan

    SirKronan Well-Known Member

    It still has Bing, VZ Nav, NFS Shift, Tetris, Verizon's other softwares, TW, and CityID. The current EB01 ROM is rooted and has superuser all set to go, so I simply installed ADW over the top, and got rid of what I didn't want, installed Google Maps (which includes their nav), and I'm good to go. The thing has been extremely fast, extremely stable, and battery life is pretty good too. It's very much a day to day ready, stable build.

    You'll have to run a camera firmware update to get the camera to work. I've tested everything else I can think of, and it's all there, working fine, and in some cases, much improved, such as google calendar management.

    I have it running very nice and stable on two Fascinates. One I bought in Sept. when they came out, and one I bought last Friday. Both run great.

    The only thing I can't get to work on my phone is Abduction. It will work for a while, then the screen will go black. The rest of the phone works, and I can end the task and restart. It's odd. My wife's doesn't do this. Everything else, games, apps, bluetooth, etc. so far works extremely well.

  2. Anthony2816

    Anthony2816 Well-Known Member

    Given the Feb 22nd "deadline" coming up, would it be in our best interest to turn this thread to the non-rooted Fascinates out there?

    I, for one, have purchased a very expensive text book that has a web version (if you have the supplied code that comes with the paper version). I would truly love to be able to access this web version on my Fascinate, but it turns out Flash is needed to do so.

    Thus, I would be Very Happy to be able to upgrade my Fascinate to 2.2...but since I don't have the time to learn how to root to do that, I'd much prefer to do it through Verizon (and yes, it pains me to the core to admit that, but there are only so many hours in the day, and the rooting thread has a pretty formidable learning curve.)

    Anyway...given the upcoming rumors, can we make this a non-rooted thread?
  3. nunyazz

    nunyazz Well-Known Member

    It hasn't happened yet...

  4. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    this thread has kinda been just a "anything related to 2.2 on the fascinate" thread. im sure once the ota hits it ll be all about that anyway...but otherwise since thats all still speculation, talk about whatever 2.2 is out seems appropriate :)
  5. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    Still here red? :p;)
    The build is solid. It comes in a few flavors. There is a stock version if you want the full rom. Or there is the superclean version which myself and countless others use. There is blackhole where you select what you want in it. And of course jt has a vanilla/aosp build. The first 3 are 100% working. jt's aosp is minus BT and MMS and camcorder.
  6. Synack

    Synack Well-Known Member

    The latest SuperClean is the way to go. Works 100% and none of that Verizon crap. It's like what the phone WOULD have been if it were released as "open" like the Nexus S is, no bloat.
  7. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    while i agree that superclean is about as good as it gets from a touchwiz standpoint (well the devs could go a little further with spare parts but thats it)...its far from what the nexus s has.

    the nexus s has stock android os with more readily available code from google. this makes it infinitely easier to develop for it kernel wise and rom wise. it has no rfs in it, so theres no need to run different filesystems to improve performance and it is guaranteed the latest updates from google for awhile until the next nexus phone.

    our devs have to work around or with really crappy code and software decisions from samsung...google did the os for the ns, not samsung

    so :cool: for superclean....but :( that dont have what the nexus s bunch do
  8. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    Yeah the nexus S we aint...then again I dont really care for the shape of that thing anyway. Its the classic difference between good and good enough
  9. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    shape/lack of gorilla glass aside...id trade this phone and probably another $100-150 bucks for it, were it to have come to verizon :eek:
  10. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    Yeah shape/GG is a factor for me so I wouldnt. Besides we're never getting it anyway. Now nexus 3 gimme gimme gimme but Im sure we wont get that either :(:mad:
  11. Pattyrick

    Pattyrick New Member

    So I've been following this thread for a couple weeks. I just wanna know, is Feb. 22nd the unofficial "official" D Day for 2.2?
  12. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    like anything its just speculation until an ota actually starts :)
  13. Synack

    Synack Well-Known Member

    I meant in terms of software, SuperClean is pretty close to as clean as the Nexus. AKA, no carrier bloat. The fascinate is definitely not any Nexus S by any means, but its definitely not far from it. The fascinate is great. My favorite part is the screen, which will keep me around until another gorilla glass Samsung comes along (proabably SGS2) with insane specs. It just seems like all of the other nongorilla nonSamsung Android's screens are just nowhere close to what we have.
  14. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    yeah im just pointing out that the software is completely different...its still touchwiz which is hideously bloated throughout with bad programming...vs a nonintrusive google os that can be easily hacked/modded

    not to mention its using a current RIL unlike our hideous android 1.6 ril
  15. SirKronan

    SirKronan Well-Known Member

    The SGS2 and other new 4.3" phones are starting to disappoint. The Bionic went with QHD resolution, and it will be very sharp. The iPhone is very sharp. Even the Droid X feels pretty sharp to the eye, notably sharper in text readout than the SuperAMOLED screen on the Fascinate. A 4.3" SuperAMOLED (plus, or w/e) at WVGA just seems like a waste. I know the apps are coded for 800x480. That's ok. But if you do a lot of reading on your device - which I do - sharper is better. 4" is fine. I've gotten used to it, and the tradeoff is that I put my reader apps in night mode and the battery lasts for HOURS and HOURS. It's amazing. Reading my books on my Fascinate has almost no impact on battery compared to surfing or making calls, or playing games. I can basically read on it guilt free. I can hope on a 3% remaining battery and still get through a chapter or two before my battery's gone.

    4.3" at the same res is going to take away some of my sharpness for reading text, and that bothers me. It looks like I'm stuck, as LG is doing it too ... oh and HTC as well ... but it still bugs me.
  16. redraptor

    redraptor Well-Known Member

    Ok well I decided to wait until tuesday, if I hear or see nothing after that, Im rooting. Even afterward I might do it. I never use touchwiz (HUGE shout out to ADW EX, best home replacement EVER!) and I really want to just use wireless tether and debloat the device, not to mention change some things around like the color of the status bar, menus ect. But I also would like to have full potential out of the device (Full working camera and what-not). Im starting to get over the whole device as a whole. Now that I know what the heck im doing and how to go about starting over from scratch (De-root) Im not nearly as scared to actually mess with the device. Just as long as I know that it will be better...
  17. nklenchik

    nklenchik Well-Known Member

    That's actually the fear of most people when they think of rooting this phone. The fact is, it's nearly impossible to "break" it if you know what you're doing. There was a point where my phone didn't receive a signal after I flashed some files on it but I used an all-in-one restore package to bring it back to stock and fix the problem. I always thought of them as checkpoints in video games...if you die, you can always start back at your checkpoint.
  18. tadam

    tadam Member

    If/when the 2.2 update becomes available, is automatically uploaded to the phone or can we do a manual push?
  19. ohhnoregrets

    ohhnoregrets Well-Known Member

    Still no word from VZW about the 22nd "deadline," so I'm not holding my breath yall. I want 2.2 just as much as everyone else (and I mean the old fashioned way, not rooted lol).. but damn out with it already!

    Tmobile has theirs, Sprint starts their OTA on the 22nd, AT&T released and then unreleased theirs.. VZW give us something!! :eek::rolleyes:
  20. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    you ll be notified (or you can go to setting and try and force the upgrade if its available to you) and then you download it and once it finishes it ll probably prompt you to install
  21. brug

    brug Well-Known Member

    where did this deadline rumor come from anyway? I've never seen any official announcement of this, am I missing something? EB01 has a few bugs they definitely need to work out before pushing 2.2 to the masses.
  22. BumbleBbee

    BumbleBbee Well-Known Member

    I posted this article a week or two ago

    Froyo finally coming to Samsung's Epic 4G and Fascinate - Phone Arena

    Also, Epic is still due on 2/21, so maybe it's still on schedule for the Fascinate. Crossing my fingers.
  23. Blue218

    Blue218 Well-Known Member

    "Holy cow Batman, Android 2.2.1 on the Fascinate, that would be Battastic!....You think it's true?"
  24. dco717

    dco717 Well-Known Member

    if its not out by the 22 I'm putting it on eBay or Craigslist and buying a thunderbolt
  25. ggt1_02

    ggt1_02 Well-Known Member

    [sarcasm]I will give you $20 for it with 2.1!;)[/sarcasm]
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