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  1. waarez

    waarez New Member

  2. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing :D

    Welcome to the Forum BTW ;)
  3. CattanachsCat

    CattanachsCat Member

    Just wondering is this Phone coming out on the 3rd November in the UK market or is it a US thing, cause this site seems more US info then UK and when i go on the SE website it has no mention on the arrival of the new product.
  4. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Hi Cattanachscat :)

    Take a look at this article here and if you scroll down to the last paragraph you should see this:

    So It looks like this is simply going to be announced November 3rd but not released in Europe until Early 2010. But it says Europe and that meaning plenty of other countries all in the E.U. The UK yet might not even see this but we will have to wait & see :D
  5. mstarman

    mstarman Active Member

    Maybe they'll give them out to lucky audience members at the Matisyahu concert Sony Ericsson is sponsoring at the House of Blues in Chicago Nov. 3. :D After all, David Schwimmer (Ross) has Chicago ties and we all know who his TV girlfriend was...

    Rachael!!! Yeah, ok - maybe not.:rolleyes:

    Anxiously awaiting the press release though.

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