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  1. publicanimal

    publicanimal Well-Known Member

    Miui is a beta ROM from China with weekly build releases. They are a development team similar to CyanogenMod here in the States. The Chinese language versions are typically released every Friday in China with English translations/ports typically released within a day or two thereafter. So if you like this ROM check the Team-D1-Miui forum at often for updates.

    Team D1-MIUI - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum

    MIUI Themes • Largest MIUI Theme Database

    VIDEO: (in Chinese - our versions are translated obviously)

    YouTube - MIUI ROM 7th closed beta version [].flv

    Props to Chinese devs at & Team D1-Miui @ DroidForums, particularly the devs zenulator, MetiCkOne, Jamezelle, tp4bama, and now welcoming magiman7 to the pack. All of the above have contributed greatly in porting the lastest releases of MIUI to our OG Droid devices on a weekly basis.

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  2. webeougher

    webeougher Well-Known Member

    publicanimal, since you're the unofficial phandroid MIUI expert, maybe you can help me out - I've been using this ROM since 10.22 (v 5.1), and I've absolutely loved it - however, since the update to 11.26 (and possibly 11.19, which I skipped because I was away from my computer for most of Thanksgiving week), I've been unable to download attached media from MMS messages to my SD card. Is there a fix? Does 12.03 allow for this? I sent a couple of PMs on MIUI-dev but got no response and no one seemed to know anything in the IRC this morning either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. publicanimal

    publicanimal Well-Known Member

    I honestly don't know, I've never personally encountered this issue and I can't recall reading anything about it in the forums. Try posting the issue on the thread linked to for the download, the D1-Miui devs (Jamezelle and MetiCkOne) are usually active and responsive and if this is an unknown bug that can be fixed I'm sure they'd like to hear about it.

    When you say attached media, what type of media do you mean exactly? Video? I'll try to replicate the issue if I can.
  4. webeougher

    webeougher Well-Known Member

    So you're able to long-press an image in an MMS and the option "Download attached to SD Card" is still there? Because since the 11.26 update, all I've got are little graphical options to forward, favorite, copy (which does nothing, as far as I can see), and a couple of others - I actually flashed the 11.05 MMS timestamp fix, which reverted me back to the older messaging .apk, which gave me back the download functionality, but removed the ability to theme the MMS, which was really, really nice.
  5. publicanimal

    publicanimal Well-Known Member

    I just don't get MMS attachments very often, I'll have my girlfriend text me a photo tonight to see what happens.
  6. webeougher

    webeougher Well-Known Member

    Ahhh, see, I get them daily because I travel for work and my g/f sends me photos and videos of our 16-month-old daughter that I'd (obviously) like to save. That's the only reason I haven't flashed 12.03 yet, because I don't want to lose the functionality again and thus, lose photos.
  7. publicanimal

    publicanimal Well-Known Member

    I'll test it out tonight when my girlfriend gets out of work and let you know.
  8. ronaldramsayii

    ronaldramsayii Well-Known Member Developer

    This ROM is sick!!! I love the aspect of being able to quick theme. Yes it is a bit iphone-ish, but I love the way it looks and operates. It's slick, clean, refined, and doesn't look to industrialized like the original Android options and stuff. Although I have no problems with that either, it's just nice to see a refreshing ROM that works and looks nothing like everyone else.

    Next thing that would be nice would be features similar to CyanogenMod and Ultimate Droid....If all of that comes to this'll be amazing.

    I'll be looking forward to porting this to my MyTouch as well lol
  9. publicanimal

    publicanimal Well-Known Member

    OK, I tested this and I can verify that yes, the ability to save pics from MMS to the SD card is not available with this version (12.03). Supposedly there is also an issue with not being able to see videos sent by MMS as well.
  10. Sturge[Droid]

    Sturge[Droid] Well-Known Member

    just flash over ur current version without wiping. ull save pictures and settings
  11. publicanimal

    publicanimal Well-Known Member

    This is not the issue, the issue is that on the last two Miui builds when you long-press a picture received via MMS you no longer have an option to "save to the SD card". This is a non-issue for me but obviously it bothered webeougher. It's not a bug it's just a feature that for some reason is no longer supported with the newer builds. I wouldn't be surprised if it is re-introduced soon.
  12. publicanimal

    publicanimal Well-Known Member

    An update was released to the 12.3 build, I posted the link in the OP. It isn't very substantive, it includes an updated English language pack and a script for easy over clocking without using SetCPU. That's it.
  13. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    does anyone know if this version has better lanscaped support (not with keyboard open just in general) every version of miui ive tried is abysmal in landscape mode, which is my primary use
  14. publicanimal

    publicanimal Well-Known Member

    Landscape works fine in apps, messaging, browser, etc. No landscaped homescreen support though (when using stock Miui launcher). The launcher FCs no longer occur when you open and close the hardware keyboard though, since the last two builds have been based on the Milestone version of Miui. It is now impossible to get the homescreen to go into landscape. This is a bonus for me (I've always disabled rotation on LauncherPro with other ROMs), but I could see how it could be a negative factor for others.

    Of course if you use LauncherPro with this ROM, landscape will work fine.
  15. webeougher

    webeougher Well-Known Member


    Do you know if it's possible to use the LauncherPro Plus widgets without using LauncherPro? I really like the combined Twitter/Facebook widget, but I like MIUI's launcher too much to run LauncherPro.
  16. publicanimal

    publicanimal Well-Known Member

    I'm 90% sure that it's not possible. I'm in the same boat, the calendar/agenda widget from LP is my favorite widget, but I don't want to give up the MIUI launcher.
  17. publicanimal

    publicanimal Well-Known Member

    Another no wipe update released for 12.03.0, I added the download link to the OP.
  18. chefmaddog

    chefmaddog Member

    loving this ROM running it on a droid that doesn't have service so just wifi

    I want to flash it to my regular phone but if I can't save pics or vids from texts

    it is no use for me. This ROM has so many great features and so far has the

    best battery life out of the many I have flashed.
  19. MistaWolfe

    MistaWolfe Member

    So I'm absolutely in love with this ROM. I came from the most recent CyanogenMod nightly (which I loved). I ran an earlier build of this (I believe it was one of the firsts) and I wanted to wait until it was more polished up. I've been running it now since the 11.26 release and I've run into the same few bugs as I get on 12.03 now. I've scoured the forums and haven't seen anyone with the same issues. Here is what I'm running into:

    *Facebook: When you try and "sync with existing contacts" it will sync everything. I've also tried "sync all" (thinking maybe it was switched around) and nope. I just removed sync data to fix it. I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling FB - no luck.

    *Native MMS App: Few things here. One, at least a few times a day while typing a message my keyboard will close, only to open maybe 30 seconds later. It will also randomly delete some text while it does this. Slightly annoying. Furthermore, sometimes it will change my orientation to landscape where only a reboot fixes it.

    *Bluetooth: I connect my phone to my hands-free set in my car and stream my music through the radio. For some reason, it will connect, but my music still comes out of my phone's speaker. Additionally, it will disconnect after about a minute to reboot my phone.

    Also I get a little lag between screens (enough to bother me) when running any Kernel but Slayher's most recent LFY 1200 SLV. Unfortunately, this kernel does not like this ROM too much on my phone so I get a few reboots a day. I finally switched back to a 250-1250 standard voltage P3 (my old stand-by until Slayher came along) but I'm still getting the redraws and lag. I know a lot of people will say "Run Stock!" - and I'm ok with that, but I tried it a few times and my phone ran very hot. I understand the FB issue isn't a huge deal, but I do like seeing my friends statuses under their info. The Bluetooth and SMS issue though would be the only thing that I can see that would take me away from this ROM.

    Sorry for the epically long post. I've been an avid Android enthusiast since June and have been rooted since then. I'm the go-to guy at my work and around my friends for rooting and ROM's. I have always been able to fix any issues before - but now I'm stumped. Please help.

    Keep up the good work
  20. publicanimal

    publicanimal Well-Known Member

    I don't use Facebook but apparently the Facebook issue is a nagging issue. If you use the app Sync My Pix it will sync pics with just the friends in your contacts, I don't think you see their status updates though.

    I've never heard of the MMS issue that you're having, and I haven't had similar issues. I have a bluetooth speaker (Motorola EQ7) that I play music through and I haven't had any issues, so I don't know what to suggest as far as those two things.

    I don't run the stock kernel either, right now I'm running Chevy's latest 1 GHz ULV kernel. I used to run the 1.2 GHz but this latest build of Miui is so fast that I think anything over 1 GHz is overkill with this ROM. I would recommend using a slightly slower kernel, running such a fast kernel might be causing your system to be unstable, causing reboots.

    Also, have you tried uninstalling SetCPU? With the last couple builds you don't need it in my opinion. You can overclock without by editing /system/etc/init.d/99complete and adding the following line:

    echo XXXXXXX > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_max_freq

    replace the XXXXXXX with the speed you want your CPU to overclock to

    1250000 = 1.25 GHz
    1200000 = 1.2 GHz
    1100000 = 1.1 GHz
    1000000 = 1.0 GHz
    800000 = 800 MHz

    You can change the default governor by adding this line (the default governor is ondemand, which is the governor I use):
    echo XXXXXXX > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor

    replace XXXXXXX with ondemand, interactive, conservative, etc.
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  21. MistaWolfe

    MistaWolfe Member

    Thanks for all the tips publicanimal. I ended up wiping cache and reinstalling 12.03.0 and then 12.03.01. Running the stock kernel now (frequency 500-800 ondemand) and everything is running smooth. I haven't noticed any lag or temp problems yet.

    Also I forgot to mention, I am still not getting LED notifications for Gmail. Anyone know a workaround for this? SMS is working fine now...
  22. publicanimal

    publicanimal Well-Known Member

    Yeah, for LED notifications to work you have to go into Settings > Trackball Color and change color from white to something else (a few of the colors don't work on the Droid such as Sapphire). Then toggle "pulse notification light" off and then back on, and you should be good to go.
  23. MistaWolfe

    MistaWolfe Member

    Works like a champ! Thanks again...
  24. vincentp

    vincentp Well-Known Member

    I want to write a full review for this ROM, but I couldn't use it long enough. It's completely unusable on my phone, which is unfortunate because I really wanted to like this ROM. The Launcher / UI is pretty nice and the menu system is great. It also seemed to be very, very fast and smooth.

    None of that mattered though, because even after several wipes and re-flashes, I can't use the phone. First and foremost, Titanium restores do not work. If you restore data (which I need to, I don't want to lose app data) it will cause a constant android process crash, rendering the phone useless. I did manage to at least get my SMS/Logs back using MyBackupPro, but no data from other apps. I used the phone for about a day.

    Half of my apps don't work. My alarm clock app force closes whenever I try to set an alarm. My Grooveshark app won't play any songs, and so on. On top of all that, the phone will often just freeze up completely, to the point where I cannot turn the screen on or off, and have to do a battery pull to reboot it.

    On the plus side, I liked the UI - especially the lock screen and music apps - VERY much. I think this honestly would have been my favorite ROM by a long shot of all the dozens (hundreds?) I've flashed, but unfortunately it just doesnt work, which is relatively important.
  25. brocja01

    brocja01 Well-Known Member

    Would like to try this rom out again, now that it is a little more stable, and I notice that I need to install NEW USERS FLASH BEFORE is that a typo?

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