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Official Twitter app causes headset problem?

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  1. fauxtronic

    fauxtronic Active Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 30, 2010
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    Note, this is not about HTC Peep, but the official Twitter app made by the Twitter team that's available from Android Marketplace. Oh, and I'm using a HTC Wildfire btw.

    Anyway, every time I launch the official Twitter app, headset audio is disabled. I noticed this last week while trying to listen to music via the Last.fm app. Initially I didn't make the Twitter app connection, and because the problem went away when I restarted the handset I assumed the Last.fm app was flaky. But then at random times I discovered other apps weren't sending audio through the headset until the handset was restarted. Then last night I launched Twitter while listening to Last.fm, and what do you know? Headset audio was disabled as the Twitter app launched.

    Can anybody else repro this and confirm that it is indeed an official Twitter app bug? I want to rule out my HTC Wildfire being faulty.

  2. tijana.basic

    tijana.basic New Member

    Dec 21, 2010
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    I see that this post is old, but problem with Twitter app still exists.
    I also have Wildfire.
    I noticed that media sounds are disabled with headset but everything is ok when I turn off Twitter app. So, I can confirm that official Twitter app makes problem.

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