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Official Twitter App (vs Peep)General

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  1. fishwhisperer

    fishwhisperer Member

    This phone is living up to its name for me, but I will stay on my topic...

    Has anyone used the new 'official' twitter app on the INC? I think Peep is fine, but was wondering what I would gain vs peep and if sense would loose any functionality. Thought I would ask here before installing.' Thanks.

  2. This_Is_Kyle

    This_Is_Kyle Well-Known Member

    I'm using Twidroid right now.

    EDIT: I've now switched to Twitter for Android.
  3. benson304

    benson304 Well-Known Member

    The Twitter app is much more polished than Peep, but it probably doesn't integrate as well into Friendstream and the like.
  4. NoShftShck16

    NoShftShck16 Well-Known Member

    I was wondering the same stuff myself. I have a page just for the FriendStream but I was wondering if that page could be better used with a Facebook Widget and a Twitter Widget. I heard the FriendStream is pretty good on battery usage so I wasn't sure...any thoughts?
  5. woop

    woop novacane (OFWGKTA) VIP Member

    I love the Android Twitter app. It works well, very polished, and gives you plenty of options. Peep is lacking in many areas and is not a good Twitter client IMO. I'll stick with the Twitter for Android or Seesmic.
  6. kg4kpg

    kg4kpg New Member

    Nothing against Twitter, but I don't use it. How do I remove it from my expanded main screen?


  7. Mr. Spontaneous

    Mr. Spontaneous Well-Known Member

    Unless you're using FriendStream, I see no reason to keep Peep signed in. If you're using both FriendStream and the official twitter app, be aware that you've got two twitter services running at the same time, eating up battery as well as API requests.

    I'm currently using Touiteur. It's got a great UI and a bunch of features. I've tried Seesmic, Twidroid and the Official Twitter client, and have found all lacking in some areas.

    For the official twitter client, it's the lack of allowing commenting on retweets, and (IIRC), I don't think it lets me set my update interval lower than 5 minutes.

    However, I've found all clients lacking as I'd like to have different notifications for tweets, mentions and DMs, like I had with UberTwitter on my BlackBerry.
  8. Nunley

    Nunley Well-Known Member

    I've tried all of the major apps, Toutieur, Seesmic, Twidroid and I like the Peep interface best but it is lacking in features. The new official Twitter app has functions galore and hopefully will make everyone step up their game.
    official Twitter screen:

    Touiteur interface:

    I'm not a heavy twitter user and I've found I like my UI to be integrated with the sense themes, keeping me with most of the native HTC options. On the Eris it was too simple, with the Incredible it has a few more options but I'm still in the testing stages of the official app though. I know I like to be able to look up followers of followers which the Peep app doesn't allow.
  9. Nunley

    Nunley Well-Known Member

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  10. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    twitter official app for me i think. I dont use twitter much on my Inc for now. I mostly use my BB for that
  11. kmoore11

    kmoore11 Well-Known Member

    The thing that keeps me on Peep is the widget. I like the fullscreen widget that I can flick scroll through and update my status right there. If I were to switch to a different client, it would probably be Seesmic. I like all the features it has and the simple interface. It just doesn't have the nice widget I'm looking for.
  12. Loolie

    Loolie Member

    Thanks! I've used the widget, HTC Peep, FriendStream, and now onto twidroid. I'm liking twidroid best so far. It seems the most full-featured and I like the UI. Not a fan of the black background of some of the other apps. Seesmic looks good, too. I might try it next just to compare.
  13. Noodle3

    Noodle3 Member

    Coming from a Blackberry what is the closest Twitter app to Ubertwitter, I really liked the feature of users near me that would find other Ubertwitter users or Twitter users based off my GPS location or WiFi location. I also liked that you could add your location to tweets.

    Currently just using Peep with my EVO but don't really know any better like the use of Friendstream and peep, etc.
  14. Mr. Spontaneous

    Mr. Spontaneous Well-Known Member

    As a former UberTwitter user, I find that Touiteur is the closest to my needs. I also had positive experiences with Seesmic.
  15. I've been using Tweetcaster Pro since I had the the Eris last year, & have been happy with it...looks great on my Incredible..
  16. sksachin

    sksachin New Member

    I'm confused as to all these three fit together. Anyone know?

    1. The Twitter account that you can set up in Settings, where you manage all your accounts
    2. Peep
    3. Twitter, other downloaded clients

    ... and Friend Stream

    How do all of these integrate into Friend Stream? Does FS only get feed data from Peep? I was pretty satisfied with Friend Stream, until I tried to force a manual refresh and it wouldn't load the latest tweets.
  17. Mr. Spontaneous

    Mr. Spontaneous Well-Known Member

    The Twitter account that you set up in settings is the core Twitter service that all HTC apps use. So, both Peep and Friendstream use it.

    Other downloaded clients, however, use their own. So, if you have both refreshing at the same time, you can quickly hit Twitter's rate limiter on API requests.

    TL;DR version: If you use a non-HTC Twitter app, be sure to remove the Twitter account from the Sync menu, or at least set it to never automatically sync.
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  18. sontaikle

    sontaikle Well-Known Member

    I LOVE the official twitter app. I tried Twidroid but found it lacking compared to the official one.

    Peep really doesn't compare either, and I found it to be a complete battery hog.
  19. Mr. Spontaneous

    Mr. Spontaneous Well-Known Member

    Check out Touiteur. I find that it gives the official client a run for its money.
  20. lvlln

    lvlln Well-Known Member

    I'm a big fan of Twicca. Its color label system should come standard in all Twitter apps.
  21. fahrer4184

    fahrer4184 Member

    I'm sure this has been asked somewhere else before, but I can't find a way to delete the Peep app. Is there a way, or is it part of Sense?

    I use HootSuite on my computer, but their Android app is a disaster. So I as well use the official Twitter app.
  22. Lefort1

    Lefort1 Well-Known Member

    Same here, I literally tried ALL of them and Twicca is probably the best FREE twitter app. I got Twidroid Pro but even still I think Twicca is pretty darn good by comparison.

    Touituer has a nice interface but it's lack of list making/editting features was a dealbreaker for me. It also didn't allow video uploads, not sure if things have changed since I last tried.
  23. rapidsandroid

    rapidsandroid Well-Known Member

    I prefer Peep simply because I view an HTC twitter app will be better incorporated throughout an HTC phone than a 3rd party app. However, I dislike that I can not reply to tweets within Peep...but I like the little green birdie notification. :)

    Twitpic or Twitgoo?
  24. Deda B!

    Deda B! Member

    You can reply to tweets within Peep. You have to press and hold for a second and the window will ask you what you want to do.

    I use Peep, but I feel it's lacking...I just haven't tried anything new yet.
  25. EricDra7en

    EricDra7en Active Member

    My official Twitter widget (full screen, black) has stopped displaying the tweets of those I'm following. A few others are having the same problem. Any of you having this problem or have fixed it?

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