Official Unrevoked Developers have Froyo on EVO

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  1. esone1ll

    esone1ll Well-Known Member

    You can read all about it here:

    Unrevoked (unrevoked) on Twitter

    This is not a root thread, but a thread about FroYo on EVO. It seems the update is trickling out to some users today.

  2. Kelita

    Kelita Well-Known Member

    Wonder how fast they will root it? :D


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  3. must be nice to be a chosen one.
  4. HopeofCarter

    HopeofCarter Well-Known Member

    So what does this mean now? Why is it that they have it?
  5. esone1ll

    esone1ll Well-Known Member

    Sprint is doing a small rollout. They happen to be a chosen user.
  6. Zameus

    Zameus Well-Known Member

    Interesting! Let the BETA testing commence! lol
  7. pwnst*r

    pwnst*r Well-Known Member

    I think the title is misleading which some folks would understand as "If you're Unrevoked, you'll get Froyo". It should say "A lucky guy that happens to be Unrevoked, got Froyo"

    In other words, this early roll out has nothing to do with being Unrevoked.
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  8. esone1ll

    esone1ll Well-Known Member

  9. DarkNeo

    DarkNeo Well-Known Member

    Hopefully they get working on it quick. So we can know for sure those of us that are unrevoked can update safely then unrevoke again.
  10. xSD

    xSD Member

    They were e-mailed the OTA. Not one of the chosen.
  11. esone1ll

    esone1ll Well-Known Member

    How do you know? How can you be emailed an OTA?
  12. HopeofCarter

    HopeofCarter Well-Known Member

    Hopefully they put it on the net soon
  13. Roq

    Roq Well-Known Member

    pwn star, The Great Prover Wronger
  14. swazedahustla

    swazedahustla Well-Known Member

    Exactly, i didn't root using that unrevoked crap, but i would hope they provide it to Damage, Treve, Flipz and Toast and everyone else who needs it to work their magic.
  15. jrog28

    jrog28 Well-Known Member

    Link to update or fail......
  16. esone1ll

    esone1ll Well-Known Member

    Who failed?
  17. Streaks

    Streaks Well-Known Member

    the folks at unrevoked. they have to provide for their evo brethren and fill joy throughout the land
  18. HopeofCarter

    HopeofCarter Well-Known Member

  19. jrog28

    jrog28 Well-Known Member

    YOU! What good is it to say someone has the update without... the update???
  20. esone1ll

    esone1ll Well-Known Member

    LOL. Before this, we didn't know when the update would be released. Now we know it's in the wild.
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  21. neoshi

    neoshi Well-Known Member

    hmm says that if you're rooted, the OTA is in your cache folder... anyone find it?
  22. jrog28

    jrog28 Well-Known Member

    Ok, i guess it was slightly helpful. Thanks sent.
  23. woofermazing

    woofermazing Well-Known Member

    If you're rooted and you have downloaded it via OTA.
  24. JMac202

    JMac202 Well-Known Member

    Man I'd like to get my hands on FroYo. Wtf...Sprints website says it was released today but we cant get it? Bummer...guess I'll try Sunday then.
  25. jrog28

    jrog28 Well-Known Member

    How come Mr. Special doesnt provide us all with the update???

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