Official update fail?

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  1. WiZoRZ

    WiZoRZ Well-Known Member

    My update keeps failing. It's the official automatic update that i've received yesterday.. I can download it just fine then it reboots, installs until 25% achieved and i have this exclamation mark and it reboots and tells me the update failed.

    What can I do??

  2. vey

    vey Well-Known Member

    I couldn't update properly because my phone was no longer on the verizon network per se. It is on Page Plus, which uses the verizon towers and system, but not it's network.

    So I went to Peter Alfonso's website. His download section has the OTA updates available in zip files that can be installed with ClockworkMod.
  3. slohasley

    slohasley New Member

    If you have deleted any of the pre-installed apps like Amazon mp3 using Titanium Backup or other software that can delete these apps, the update will fail. In this case you have to go back to a stock ROM before updating.

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