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  1. Mi|enko

    Mi|enko Well-Known Member

    The only customization really available thus far is to change the wallpaper.

  2. sThig

    sThig Member

  3. Here are two wallpapers I did to show my friends when they pull out their iPhones LOL


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  4. JackD3ath

    JackD3ath Member

    Awesome wallpapers guys! Here are a couple i use

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  5. johnnewhouse

    johnnewhouse Well-Known Member

    thanks for these, i defiantly have a more stylish G1 now
  6. Oombowbow

    Oombowbow New Member

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  7. jabtas

    jabtas Well-Known Member

    Lots of colourful walpapers out there, how about a few arty B&W samples

    Once again, taken from my own personal images

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  8. JHook204

    JHook204 New Member

    I think the issue with the android wallpapers being grainy or pixilated in areas have to deal with the way the android OS resamples the .jpg or .png when it makes it your system wallpaper. That would also account for why the image looks so good in the preview (even when magnified many times) and ends up slightly off on the desktop. As for the specifications for the wallpaper if you were building one in photoshop would be 640x480 at 72dpi resolution in .jpg or .png format. If you save it as .png make sure you dont save it with interlace.
  9. Mitchell

    Mitchell Member

    Those 'smoke' pics are amazing, just the sort of think I was looking for. Thanks!
  10. ash73

    ash73 New Member

  11. stevo101

    stevo101 Active Member

    anyway to make it have 3 different wallaper instead of jsut ones that scrolls?
  12. ashandarey

    ashandarey New Member

  13. Anybody into horoscope & astrology?? I made these wallpapers a while ago so I thought I'll share them here.
    Visit for the rest of my g1 wallpapers :)

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  14. maglite

    maglite Member

    Ok I've just uploaded 640 correctly sized wallpapers. All of them are 640 x 480. They are scenary images of buildings/places from around the world:

    Archive link: Download 640x480.rar.


    I hope you like them. :D
  15. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    I have been using your's great. Thanks for it. I love it.
  16. Harb

    Harb Well-Known Member

    Some very nice looking stuff here. I don't have the PS skills so I just use a pic of me playing paintball. I'm in the black, front left.
  17. bikepilot

    bikepilot New Member

    I have had the g1 since day 1.. I love it but one thing has been driving me crazy.. for the people that have or had a iphone unlocked Im looking for a program like winter-board i think it was called on the iphone. I guess I'm tired of having to crop all my pictures to make them wallpaper on the phone. With all the pictures that take the hole screen up when you look at them in the picture file Why cant you just make the hole inter picture the wallpaper instead of having to crop just half of it. Can some one make a app PLEASE that will do this..
  18. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Well-Known Member

    I am not 100% sure what you are saying, but here's a guess...

    "You would like to use non-cropped photos for your background."

    Realize, our camera is a 3.2 MP (2048x1536) camera on the G1 and potentially even higher res on other Android Devices. As such there is much more information captured than we can use in a background (640x480 I think?) for our devices.

    One trick might be, download PicSay, which has a lot of cool features besides, but one unintentional feature is the PicSay Free app only lets you save a lower resolution version of your creations. It creates this upon starting the app, so you might select the photo and then save it with no changes and use that as your background getting the intended result you are looking for.
  19. Turnip

    Turnip New Member

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  20. UnderWhat?

    UnderWhat? Well-Known Member

    Can someone please post the stock Lake wallpaper, I have been looking for it EVERYWHERE and cant find it
  21. UnderWhat?

    UnderWhat? Well-Known Member

    This is an AMAZING wall I found. I take absolutely no credit for this wallpaper, it was included in the Ho-Fo community Rogers ROM. Credits to them.

    *edit* aww, killed the thread

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  22. Cyberdine

    Cyberdine New Member

    I very liked the Terminator Salvation movie . Non stop Action !!! Yes the story is not very elaborated but the action scenes are perfect for me !! If you like special effects this movie is for you !!!

    I'm a big fan of Terminator since i'm a teenager.

    You will find some cool Terminator Salvation wallpapers here:

    Check these samples:
    ( Click pics for enlarge )


    Access to complete site here:
    Terminator Site
    Wallpapers,screenshots ,action figures, soundtracks and more medias from all Terminator movies !!!

    MOD EDIT:please don't post images wider than the site, either resize them before uploading or link to the image
  23. mathewhayden

    mathewhayden New Member

    You have given good link for Wallpapers and There are really nice pictures in it. I like it and also useful for me so Thank you for sharing such a nice link to us. You have done a good job. Keep it up.
  24. Bailz

    Bailz New Member

    I know this will sound such a stupid question but how do i actually get one of these wallpapers onto my phone?

    I like the bird one leilylady has.


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