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  1. crwncad

    crwncad New Member

    Gotta love the variety of all the wallpapers. I have attached a few wallpapers that I created...Can't wait to throw them on my droid. Hope everyone else likes...

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  2. GPLarge

    GPLarge Active Member

    Posted up a bunch on Flickr (620x480 for Hero/Eris). Theese were quickies from some texture shots I took at the mall today. Feel free to use any you like.


    Flickr: AlWilliamsCT's Photostream
  3. Bunsen Honeydew

    Bunsen Honeydew Well-Known Member

    Here is a link to one that I like on my desktop and my droid. The other is one that I like on my droid.


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  4. mr.deux

    mr.deux New Member

  5. kantaris

    kantaris Member

    Can you make it look less plastic-y, and more realistic? Maybe a desk or end-table in the room. This could make a cool desktop.

    (unless this is the best you can do)
  6. Loribelle

    Loribelle New Member

    love love love it!!! <3
  7. droidbitch

    droidbitch New Member

    Hi! Found some more Motorola Droid walpapers here:

  8. iclickjohn

    iclickjohn Well-Known Member

    Most are sized right for Droid. I like the official Android guy so he is in most of them. They are not all created by me.
    The CORRECT size for wallpapers for Droid is 854 H x 960 W. Because you know that the wallpaper scrolls 1/2 to the right and 1/2 to the left. This is not the native resolution (854x480) which is a static dimension on the screen.

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  9. m3fs

    m3fs New Member

    Hey all, just signed up. I just bought the domain (i know, lame name but hey - it's all they had!) and I will be going live with it in a month or so. You will be able to pick from mine or upload your own. :)

    Here is a basic 3D android dude I whipped up last night. Cheers!

  10. windstrings

    windstrings Well-Known Member

    Will these pics work ok on the droid or do I need to look for pics at the droids higher resolution to fit right?
  11. thetomlin2

    thetomlin2 Guest

    Here is one I made and am currently using.

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  12. jwmacdon1231

    jwmacdon1231 Well-Known Member

    Sweet wall!!! I'm using it now too. Have you made anymore?
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  13. thetomlin2

    thetomlin2 Guest

    Haven't made any others yet ... but I am sure I will at some point
  14. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    I need to remove one of those galleries that I made without checking size.

    My next gallery is going ot be all Gothic images. Some of these are gonna be...NSFW.

    You've been warned.
  15. Melon Bread

    Melon Bread Active Member

  16. grrgoyl

    grrgoyl Well-Known Member

    (Damn, this is double posted because I clicked the wrong button)

    I had to come back and thank you for posting this link. So many incredibly gorgeous all I have to do is settle on just one for my phone. I've narrowed it down to about 20 favorites. Thanks again for the site!
  17. CyD

    CyD Member

    I have 30+ good walls for the Droid that I need to resize. I will edit this post when I manage to do them all (most likely later tonight). The correct dimensions for the Droid are 854 x 960 landscape, right?

    Edit: Ok. 30+ turned out to be 124. :\ Took me 2 hours to do. I'm uploading now.

    Edit 2: Ok. I'll post the links.

    Edit 3: I was going to post all the links but I figured an rar file would be easier. Uploading AGAIN. Remember, it's 124 files.
  18. BottledHate

    BottledHate Well-Known Member

    a few walls i've made... the rest are at

    the qr codes are for moto doid (960
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  19. windstrings

    windstrings Well-Known Member

    Very cool!... thanks for all the crazy hard work from guys like you... these you can see is just the beginning I see.. once you get on the Android web page, there are tons more in 3 different formats!.......
  20. BottledHate

    BottledHate Well-Known Member

    thanks! i definitely spent more time than i should have... but then again i was bored! so far i've uploaded 58 wallpapers to here are mine.

    ps... i want my gold star back mofo! ;)
  21. windstrings

    windstrings Well-Known Member


    You noticed eh?..... funny!

    Ok.. you get your Gold Star back... you deserve it!
  22. BottledHate

    BottledHate Well-Known Member

    lol... your email notification for the thread will have the original post before edits apparently ;)
  23. Guggles2k8

    Guggles2k8 New Member

  24. windstrings

    windstrings Well-Known Member

    Too funny!.... Isn't someone who ate and apple the one that started this mess in the first place?...... ah.. maybe it wasn't an apple. :rolleyes:

    Reality is.. Apple raised the bar... Now Google raised the bar again... "somehow I don't give credit to Verizon or Moto"...... Then apple will try to raise it again.. .and on we go.

    Too Bad At&T is stuck in the mud... aren't those guys called "mud-ducks?"
    Apple mad a boo boo by not going with Verizon in the first place... how that Google is in the picture.... I think Google has the bigger camp of geeks.... I'm not sure if apple will be able to keep up.
  25. windstrings

    windstrings Well-Known Member

    Meanwhile.. back at the Ranch.....

    Should I be trying to find the folder where the system wallpapers are and put my wallpapers in there to store and use?

    As of now, I've created a folder called "wallpapers" and just pull out of there to keep separate from all my personal pics.

    If I want to use a personal pic, I just copy it to my wallpaper folder too.

    Is there a better way?

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