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  1. nkd

    nkd Well-Known Member

    Ipad2 is more optimized and the only part better on it is the gpu. I think it will be faster even if we reduced the resolution on the Xoom. I love the xoom why because I just dont appreciate the user interface on the ipad just like I wouldn't appreciate froyo on an android tablet they just dont look like tablet OS, while Honeycomb looks like something you wanna play around with. I love the notification system, love the ablility to switch between apps, love the ablility to quickly adjust brightness. I love the speakers and soon I will love flash.

    Things can only get better for Honeycomb. I dont know what the big deal is about battery life, I used the xoom for a whole day for like 11 hours yesterday and I still had a little battery left.

    I have heard somewhere that the next honeycomb update is suppose to have newer tegra 2 drivers.

    By the way the xoom and ipad2 use the same cpu, cortex a9 dual core and only differ in the type of gpu they use. The new PowerVR might be faster but xoom was also tested at 30% more resolution and who knows Nvidia might have optimized the new drivers in the next update to honeycomb.

    If you have read computer graphics card reviews you will find out that at lower resolutions the cpu really helps out the graphic card but when you bump up the resolution the cpu demand is reduced and the gpu demand is greatly increased, may be that will help the xoom a bit on the lower resolution as well since they are using the same cpu. Or may be if you bumped up the resolution on the ipad2 it would not be as fast as it seems at lower resolution.

  2. operant

    operant Well-Known Member

    I'm waiting on Samsung myself. I have the original iPad so the Xoom is a step up technically but not for that price - especially when the iPad 2 whoops the Xoom and has a sweet case thingy.
  3. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Actually, just about everything out there are proprietary Cortex variants, so I'd argue strongly against saying that the Tegra 2 and A5 are just a GPU difference. Based on the way things have been done historically, I doubt that can be said.

    If in doubt, install Android System Info by Electric Sheep on your Xoom and look at the core extensions listed. And I'd exercise caution before extrapolating desktop graphics cards rules to SoC processors - surprises may exist.

    As for battery life being a big deal - it was just a question and not a bad one.

    When you used your Xoom for 11 hours - was that straight thru? Can you share what sorts of things you were doing?
  4. reiththestud

    reiththestud Well-Known Member

    Not sure I agree with you there. It's true developers will no doubt leverage the extra horsepower, but ultimately any major game released for the iPad 2 will easily be ported to Honeycomb. They'll just render down the graphics a bit, but the game will still be there. Much in the same way that you can play Crysis on a lot of hardware, just not at full settings on a lot of hardware. Comparing Tegra to a P4 is a bit unfair. Tegra 2 is no slouch, even if it does get bested by the A5.
  5. 5280Man

    5280Man Well-Known Member

  6. zipur

    zipur Well-Known Member

    There are reports that the Japan Quake will delay Sammy and Toshiba's product release for up to six to eight months. Bummer
  7. ODog2323

    ODog2323 Well-Known Member

    You're right on saying iOS looks dated and primitive but also handles more responsively and seamlessly.

    Honeycomb definitely feels rough around the edges. The few times I've handled the Xoom, it hiccuped on me on multiple occasions, on the home screen UI and on the web, and overall wasn't as smooth and responsive as even the first gen iPad (which is all but flawless in the responsive dept).

    Between the two devices, I'm starting to think about it like this: the Xoom will probably do what I need it to with no issue, but being all new hardware and software, there's no way to know what issues could come about until I live with it for a time. On the other hand, while I've pretty well outgrown iOS, I know the ipad2 would fit into my needs. Basically, I see the iPad as the safer bet, but I'd love to try out the Xoom and be able to say it works for me.
  8. zipur

    zipur Well-Known Member

    Flash may be a non issue. Link Here
  9. aohus

    aohus Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't say thats necessarily true. It'd be quite difficult to port games to android as there are so many CPU variants, (TI OMAP, Snapdragon Processor, Tegra 2, etc)

    the iOS developer would have to port the game so its compatible with all those different type of SoC chips. Thats not an easy feat. Its fragmented by design, and that could be part of the reason many iOS games are still not ported to Android.
  10. reiththestud

    reiththestud Well-Known Member

    Only partly true. It depends on how the game was developed. Unity just announced that their Unity engine can have games ported from iOS to Android in almost a click of a button. With Android having surpassed iPhone in the mobile realm, developers will want to use engines like Unity and other cross compatible tools in order to get the most bang out of their development time.

    Besides, my argument was against the idea that there will be games available for iPad 2 that will not be available for the Xoom or other Tegra tablets due to a lack of horsepower. They will be available, simply with diminished graphics.

    Source: Unity Android Engine Lets Devs Convert iOS Apps To Android ? With One Click | droidreign

    Edit 1: here's another article talking about how easy nVidia is trying to make it to port games. Obviously the offhand comments about the iPad 2 not being as powerful as tegra 2 don't hold up, but the developer experiences with porting are still valid.
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  11. jhat3k1

    jhat3k1 Well-Known Member

    That's odd....I have had the xoom since launch day, and I have yet to have even a single hickup or glitch, with the single exception of writing in these forums, which I have circumvented by using the app.

    I played with the ipad2, and there is no doubt that the hardware is VERY sexy, but like many have stated, IOS just seems like a toy, and Honeycomb is sexy at almost every turn.
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  12. nkd

    nkd Well-Known Member

    You could be on track about everything it was just a simple opinion. It was mostly web browsing on wifi with auto brightness. I didn't do any heavy duty work. I should not have said exactly 11 hours it felt that long though. May be a little over 10.
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  13. nkd

    nkd Well-Known Member

    Very true. I would grab the I pad 2 in a heart beat if apple just stopped making it look like an oversized iPhone. I got tired of the first I pad in a week and could stand the same old iPhone interface. Same with any other froyo tabket I got a chance to try, couldn't stand the ui, I can't get tired of using the xoom. I got the xoom on contract figuring I was gonna sign up for data plan anyways.plus I get discount on my verizon bill through my employer. So I literally get the data plan for free when the discount is applied to my phone bill.
    Sorry my xoom auto corrects I pad.
  14. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Srsly, why the sausage fest?

    All the cool babes I know dig Android.
  15. knivesout

    knivesout Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have an iPad 2 and a Xoom who can run some common application and run them 'til they're dead?
  16. PSkeptic

    PSkeptic Well-Known Member

    Every take a look at Ubuntu's road map? How about Fedora's?

    Open projects can have a clear road map. In fact, the road map for Android is pretty clear, should anyone desire to take a look at the Google Project site.

    Yes it is. If it weren't for the Galaxy Tab (And other major Android tablets), the iPad 2 would have gotten maybe a camera, and some tweaks to iOS. Android is keeping Apple on their toes, forcing them to innovate; and the converse is true: Android developers are constantly innovating to keep up with Apple iOS.

    We also have tablets with screens ranging from 2.3 inches all the way up to 10.2", thanks to the iOS vs. Android war :)
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  17. BrianJB

    BrianJB Well-Known Member

    While I can't make a "true comparision" as I only have an ipad, and have only messed with the xoom in the store. I am a die hard android guy, I have an htc evo which I love. But the ipad really is amazing, very smooth interface, no bugs (that ive seen), and the price is right.

    My biggest concern with buying an android based tablet is the fact that there arent alot of things you can do with the xoom tablet that make it unique. Its just like having an android phone with a huge screen. Apple has pleanty of apps, and pleanty of big name companies commited to making tablet based apps for the ipad. To me if I am going to be paying $800 for something, I want it to have more than a handfull of tablet based apps.

    But having said all of that, I would have no issues buying a xoom in a year or so, when the price goes down and giving android developers more time to tweak the o/s and make tablet based apps. The Ipad is a typical apple product... "You cant do anything without us not approving of it".
  18. BrianJB

    BrianJB Well-Known Member

    Completely agree.
  19. alicia4065

    alicia4065 Well-Known Member

    Well I gave my Xoom back since I had problems with it I wanted to like it since I love my Droid X but it seems a little rush. Had the Ipad 1st gen but gave it to my Mom and now Have the Ipad 2nd gen on Verizon. I like both platform and once Honeycomb gets more support I definitely will return since there will be more Android tablets release.
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  20. frenzy757

    frenzy757 Well-Known Member

    My take:

    I own both the ipad2 and the Xoom, and have owned and sold the Galaxy Tab and the Ipad 1.

    Right now, I can't say that the Xoom is a competitor to the Ipad 2. While I love Honeycomb and thing it is a MUCH and I stress MUCH better os than iOS, there is more to the tablet experience than just the OS.
    -The ecosystem is lagging behind iOS...now I truly believe that it will catch up. But since everyone is SO focused on tablet specific apps (the app wars sort of start over), the xoom is like the OG Droid....so I am assuming half a year to a year to catch up. I think the android phone apps have pretty much caught up to the Iphone, but in the tablet space it is still no competition.
    -The problem is that Google does not 100% control android's destiny...they need hardware companies to step up, which is hard for them since their only revenue (Assumption here) is from hardware sales, where as apple takes some of the pie from ap purchases, and will now be gauging the in app purchases. I don't think many people will claim that the Xoom feels better in the hand than the iPad 2...I for one was a HUGE skeptic and thought no way does being that thin/light have any bearing on me (I bought the Xoom first on the first day it came out). I was wrong, the ipad 2 blows the Xoom away in hands on feel. I think the galaxy 10.1 can do very well since it is VERY light, but people also want something that LOOKs cool. You may deny it, but looks play a huge role in purchase decisions…think luxury cars. REALLY wish Nokia stepped into the Android world.
    -I just got the feeling that Apple thought the iPad 2 out much more than Motorola with the Xoom. To me, Apple’s rise to the top was beyond the product/software/marketing efforts. Their supply chain and actual operational management has been phenomenal. I mean, look what they brought to the table from day 1…a well designed tablet, redesigned apps (iMovie and Garageband are cool no denying that), a new cover (that while I think is stupid and a waste of money, LOOKs cool and has enough feature points that they will definitely make money on it), and shipped right away.
    - Xoom on the other hand…no wifi version (whether carriers had an influence or not is moot, there is still no wifi version), a half-assed movie studio (again don’t care if it is free, people compare two products…$5 isn’t much anyways and there is definitely more than $5 worth of features on iMovie), a crappy ass case, and a craptastic box. Why do I care about these things? Honestly, I don’t but I am reviewing the product…
    The Xoom price point is awful. I know the value, when you compare the Xoom versus the 32GB 3g version, is good, but the point is that 800 is too much for most people. It’s the same thought, there are Ferarris for $100,000 that are GREAT value for the performance, look, etc, but I still won’t buy one…Even if the wifi was more expensive than the wifi equivalent iPads, they still should have released them. I think people ARE open to paying more for an Android tablet, but it still needs to be within a certain price range. I would have jumped on a 32GB Xoom if it was even 650-700.
    Apple claims their product is “magical” and I will be honest, everything from the second you get the box to opening the item etc is about as “magical” as a company can make it. That is what Apple gets and Motorola doesn’t….the product isn’t everything, it is the experience…the total experience of ownership. It is that feeling when you get your first brand new car, your first house, which Apple recreates with their tablets/phones/etc.

    Right now I think the Xoom is going back, but I still use a Nexus S because there are things on the Android phone I can’t live without…Google Nav is one HUGE thing…which is sort of useless as an argument in the tablet world…I use my phone for nav not my tablet. Customization is more important on my phone than my tablet…when I am on my tablet, I am on it to do something, so apps are more important to me in that space.

    My 2 cents. Looking forward to what HTC and Samsung can offer. IMO HTC is the hope of the best hardware for android devices. Their phones are built better than Apple’s…I hope this translates into the tablet world. HTC (IMO) gets what Apple has been doing. What Google needs to do is brand a Nexus line of Phones and Tablets that are stock and meant to go head to head with Apples products directly. Right now, in the consumer mind, it is Droid versus Apple…Google needs to reshape everything to be Nexus versus Apple…everything else android can be there, but they need that ONE device that beats the piss out of apple from a hardware and software side. Pair up with HTC and build an amazing Nexus phone and tablet.
  21. knivesout

    knivesout Well-Known Member

    Great write-up, frenzy757. You've summarized my feelings on the subject pretty well. I'm waiting for:

    1) iPad 2 shipments to show up in B&M stores nearby, or
    2) A cheap Android competitor

    Even if #2 occurs before #1, I may have to reconsider the decision and wait on the iPad. It "felt" great in my hands and gave a very smooth experience, whereas with the Xoom, there was more of a feeling of drag; resistance; something holding it back. Moving between screens was not nearly as smooth as the iPad 2, and live wallpaper really brought it to a crawl. Had Flash been available when I played with the Xoom, that may have been a game-changer. I admittedly do not want to be without Flash. If nothing else, you gotta admit Apple revolutionized the touch-screen experience with the first iPhone, and continues to own it.

    And you're right, it's very much about the ecosystem, although I'm not too worried about a lack of Android app availability over the long term.
  22. rjoudrey

    rjoudrey Well-Known Member

    I think it would be great if posters did not use adjectives that are simply not true. For example:

    "Live wallpaper really brought it to a crawl"
    "It is lightning fast"

    I think readers may take these comments seriously and be either disappointed with a purchase or not buy a product that really would fit their needs.
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  23. BrianJB

    BrianJB Well-Known Member

    If you do get a cheap android tablet, may I strongly suggest you dont get the "flytouch 2". If you look at all of the issues it has, its not worth it for the $200. While it is the cheapest with the biggest specs. It is barely functional.

    I'd just wait for the galaxy tab's price to drop, which Im sure it will within 6mo's.
  24. knivesout

    knivesout Well-Known Member

    Those are subjective things I've noticed about it myself in playing with both tabs for around 15 minutes each at Best Buy, it's not some measurable benchmark to be taken as fact. You can go to your local Best Buy (or other BM retailer) and play with both yourself to make a decision; I'm not here to make a decision for anyone but myself.

    Readers should take others' comments seriously. Otherwise, why do we have discuss these things at all? Your posting history leads me to believe you aren't open-minded enough to accept that the iPad 2 may just be a better product, at least for some. It is yet to be seen whether it will outsell Honeycomb tablets, but I personally believe it will outsell all of them, collectively, throughout the next 6 months.

    I like the iPad 2 more than the Xoom, considering my limited experience and research on both, but if Motorola released a $499 wifi-only Xoom, I'd have to reconsider. Even then, $100 more for the 32GB iPad 2 wouldn't be out of the question, because of the fluidity and pleasantness of the experience I had with it versus the Xoom.

    Something just came to mind as I was typing this all up...the iPad experience makes a quick impression on one, but I wonder if that experience really holds up to the more diverse/customizable experience one could have with a Honeycomb tablet over a long period of time. Perhaps one would have buyer's remorse when they get bored with their iPad in 6 months and wish they could customize their screens with widgets and apps, or their favorite website requires Flash. All things to consider...
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  25. mrspeedmaster

    mrspeedmaster Well-Known Member


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