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  1. kennychaffin

    kennychaffin Well-Known Member

  2. zipur

    zipur Well-Known Member

    Excellent point! I've been hoping for the Toshiba to drop but now I think that mother nature Quakes, Tsunami and Atoms may put a bigger delay than I would be willing to wait for. And if another device does come out the wife would be happy!.
  3. kennychaffin

    kennychaffin Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking that may affect any number of tech devices....
  4. zipur

    zipur Well-Known Member

    My point is that the wife is very un-tech with her HTC Shift, its almost a waste.
    She is just not interested in any kind of customization or features. IPAD would work very well for her. In fact as I bounce back and forth between the two I've notices that there are tons of women on the IPAD boards who else would care about a pink case.
  5. kennychaffin

    kennychaffin Well-Known Member

    I'm not referring to wives, but to earthquakes. :)
  6. mazz0310

    mazz0310 Well-Known Member

    This is a response/opinion I can appreciate. I love the Xoom but everyone has their own opinions and I appreciate yours.

    Hope to see you on a Xoom/Honeycomb tablet eventually.
  7. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Cheaper and simpler to make with that process and they STILL can not make enough of them. Hate to think how backed up orders would be if built like the Xoom. To me, the Xoom is built better, but folks luv them there iPads.
  8. mobile1

    mobile1 Well-Known Member

    I wished there were widgets and a notification/status bar but having those isn't worth the other trade offs.

    I didn't mention this before but I did take some time to load a couple of apps I use often and would want/need to use on the XOOM on the demo model at the store. They didn't scale and were choppy. I have seen the apps on an iPad (which I use on my iPod) and they are flawless.

    Again I hold out hope there will be an Android tablet with a more polish OS in the future but for now (or in 4 to 5 week when it ships), an iPad is my choice.
  9. grizzancs

    grizzancs New Member

    Could anybody please tell me how worse is reading PDFs on the Xoom compared to the iPad? As the width of the screen in portrait is 1.2 cm less than the screen of the iPad, which could be just the difference between too small and comfortable font sizes.

    I would mainly buy it for reading tech PDFs, but Honeycomb looks so much more cool (with notifications, etc), and I would be able to watch widescreen series/movies without 2 big black bars (how bad is that on iPad anyway?)

    Also I understand ipad2 is much more comfortable to hold (which is also a positive thing for reading).

    Unfortunately currently I don't have access to those devices to try out (and the xoom will come to europe only much later, with who knows what at price point in Hungary...)

    Thanks! Adam
  10. vasilator

    vasilator Well-Known Member

    That is what I am finding as well. I could live with it if it was a cheaper price but it really seems like an unfinished project at this point.
  11. mobile1

    mobile1 Well-Known Member

    Even at the rumored Sam's Club price for a wifi only version, it still was too much.

    One last tidbit, I did order a new HTC Thunderbolt this morning. I am sure I will love it like my Incredible (or even the clunky old Motorola Droid).
  12. ghodzilla5150

    ghodzilla5150 Well-Known Member

    Dude, rumor is that iOS 5 will add widgets and a better notification system. iOS 5 is supposed to be a huge upgrade as far as Apple's mobile OS is concerned.
  13. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Oh yeah... HUGE. I bet Job is going to say they are the FIRST to have notification and widgets and everyone will just nod vigouously in agreement and be all amazed. WOW :rolleyes:
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  14. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    All I know is right now I can watch the NCAA tournament live with an Apple app. Why no Android version?? Apple pay big bucks or what? Seems the app should be on BOTH systems. Heck, Windows Phone too, for that matter.
  15. ghodzilla5150

    ghodzilla5150 Well-Known Member

    Hopefully notifications will catch up, widgets I could care less about but many people like them and I think that will be updated as well. Let's remember neither OS is perfect and both could take cues from each other;)
  16. Cincybearcatfan

    Cincybearcatfan Well-Known Member

    I am at a conference and just got to play with the iPad 2 for the first time. I must say that I'm not blown away impressed. Here are my thoughts afer 30 minutes of play time:

    iPadd is boring. Truly it is. With my beautiful weather live wallpaper flowing in the background vs. her iPad 2 wallpaper, the WOW factor at first glance the Xoom wins hands down.

    Overall quickness/snappyness/smoothness goes to the iPad2. I think I can explain it away as I have 3 fullscreens of widgets and live wallpaper going and she has a screen full of inactive icons. But whatever the reason when i scroll from screen to screen, the iPad2 was flawless, smooth and quick. My Xoom can be a bit lagy at times. Not enough to make me sorry that I bought it rather than the iPad, but it is noticable.

    Screen beautyat 100% coin flip. Both are beautiful to my eye and for where I surfed and played I couldn't really tell much of a difference.

    Speed of browser also a toss up. Depended on what website I tried to load, both were literallly 3-5 seconds apart.

    Feel in my hand iPad 2 was a bit lighter in my hand but not enought to tell the difference if I wasn't sitting there holding both and and trying to feel the differnece.

    User interface, I willl go with my Xoom. I was shocked at this. I truly expected the iPad's UI to wipe my Honeycomb off the map. It didn't. I love how honeycome does not have any physical buttons on the front. I love that honeycomb has the rotating Home, Multi-tasking menu and back arrows on screen. I found myself fumbling with that button on the front of the iPad. Then again this was the first time I've handled anything Apple in 5 years. As someone that is "new" to the Apple interface, not impressed.

    With the integration of pure OS driven apps it's personal preference. If you have invested the past 10 years buying stuff through the iStore I can see why you would want to go with Apple's products. For someone like me that hated Apple due to DRM music 5 years ago and stopped buying their crap then, I invested my time and money into Android Market and Google apps. Now I'm neck deep in Android. Therefore, I love gmail, picasa, docs, and especially maps. I can see where iPhoto is better, but I don't use photo editors on my tablet, iMovie is worlds better than Movies on my Xoom, but I don't edit movies on my Xoom. If you have an Apple computer and you use those services there, you need an iPad2. MOST of the world does NOT compute on an Apple computer. Windows is still king. Maps rocks integrated into my Xoom, it felt clumsy in the iPad, not nearly as smooth. I'd liken it to the lag that I experienced when scrolling screens on the Xoom vs. the iPad2. It felt that laggy and unnatural.

    The keyboard on the iPad was large and nice. I really liked it. Typing felt more natural than the Xooms keyboard. I know you can switch but I was looking stock to stock. Google needs to get on the ball with BlindType and get this on Honeycomb, then it will blow Apple away there.

    I'm leaving things like Flash off of the discussion, those things are obvious and have been talked to death.

    After my first hands on experience, I'm glad I chose my Xoom. It fits me. It's what Ineed and what I like. No regrets here.
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  17. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    This is all very interesting, but the thread topic is "Xoom vs iPad 2 Discussions". If you wish to continue discussion of what constitutes/defines "cloud computing" I'll be happy to spin the relevant posts off into their own thread. ;)
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  18. TPadden

    TPadden Member

    I'm really glad the ipad is basically unavailable. On at least three occasions I've gotten frustrated with my Xoom and would have exchanged it if I could have found an ipad. In every case it turned out to be a simple learning curve problem with the operator. :eek:

    As I get used to the Xoom I like it more and more, but that doesn't mean setting it up to smoothly do what I want can't be frustrating :eek:.
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  19. frenzy757

    frenzy757 Well-Known Member

    I will honestly comment owning both that I think the iPad 2 is built better and is better thought out.

    The smaller bezel is annoying. The volume rocker is the stupidest thing I have seen...It is no deal breaker, but it is realllllly annoying. Not saying the build quality is crap on the xoom, but I think its a tad bit better on the iPad 2. The hardware build quality is not why I am leaning towards the iPad 2...its the entire ecosystem...

    I did have fun with the Xoom though.
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  20. rjoudrey

    rjoudrey Well-Known Member

    This is what it's all about! ;)
  21. Phases

    Phases Community Manager Administrator

    I agree that some amount of off topic back-and-forth between users is expected and A-O-K. It just happens. Natural conversation flow tends to find its way all over the place.

    However, I also agree once it becomes more than a few back and a forths it certainly needs to be taken to PM or broke into a new thread if the users want to continue the discussion. There are people out there that search Google for "Ipad vs xoom" and may land right on this thread.

    They will want to see relevant discussion, not weed through stuff they don't care about.

    So, please try to keep the discussion on topic, wander a little here and there - but if needed, mods should break conversation into it's own thread. Thanks all for understanding! :)
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  22. clb2196

    clb2196 Well-Known Member

    I would agree. I definitely prefer the overall feel of the iPad, especially the larger bezel. BUT it has more deal breakers for me than the Xoom, so it still wasn't really a choice for me. But I do wish the Xoom was the size/shape of the iPad.
  23. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

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  24. Cincybearcatfan

    Cincybearcatfan Well-Known Member

    I know it's not the right place but . . . if I see "If you don't have an iPhone" ad campaign ONE MORE TIME during the tournament I think I'll throw my Xoom through my TV. If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have a bookstore on your phone, um unless I have Google Books. If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have iTunes. Thank God. If you don't have an iPhone . . . AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!
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  25. kennychaffin

    kennychaffin Well-Known Member

    Exactly why I don't watch live TV.

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