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Offline functionalityGeneral

  1. Shaughnessy

    Shaughnessy Well-Known Member

    If anyone has there hands on the G Watch, could you talk about the offline functionality, like when you have the watch but not your phone? I want to use this as a fitness tracker (pedometer, stopwatch, etc.), but I don't like to have my phone on me when I run.

  2. busixb

    busixb New Member

    I get mine early next week. Don't think it will be a problem as these don't require apps in the phone to record your info. Relaying them back will depend on app. RunKeeper will work to sync your data from the watch to the phone but I don't think it will require 100% connection to record offline.
  3. rayfin

    rayfin Writer at Phandroid.com VIP Member

    The stopwatch and fitness tracker apps work offline as intended. Been using mine since IO, I love it!

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