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Offline GPS app

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  1. Luken8r

    Luken8r Member

    Im looking for a quality GPS app that I can use while not on a data network. I am planning a back woods off roading expedition so GPS is needed, but Ill be too far from anything to use data for maps. Optimally, I would like to be able to download maps directly to the device

    I dont want to use google maps because its routing with GPS coordinates is rubbish.

    I need to be able to:
    view gps LAT/LONG coords
    save waypoints
    route by waypoints

    map caching/saving would be nice, but not necessary. I have paper maps

    I used to have an iphone and I had a program called MotionX GPS which was super awesome, but they dont offer it for Android. I would love to get a good replacement for that program. Ive downloaded GPS Essentials, and it is just OK. Looking for other options


  2. mach101

    mach101 Well-Known Member

    Mapdroyd is very good
  3. Joetwos

    Joetwos Member

    Sygic GPS. I had tried a lot of them and definitely this one is the best.
  4. spile

    spile Well-Known Member

  5. Laughingcat

    Laughingcat Member

    Curious to know what technology Sygic is using to report location without any data/internet transmission?

    Read through the description at Play' but couldn't find any info on this capability.
  6. Pep

    Pep Well-Known Member

    Another one here for Sygic.
    I believe they use TomTom Maps that are stored on your SD card.
    It definitely works in Airplane mode.

  7. dvhttn

    dvhttn Well-Known Member

    Surely that's what the 'GPS' bit is all about? Or have I misunderstood your query?

  8. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    All Android phones and GPS apps can work GPS without a data connection. Android phones have a GPS antenna. Data network is only needed when using the AGPS system, which uses triangulation computations via Google servers by sending the data regarding satellites connected and network towers to it (otherwise the phone does the computations itself). The only difference is that a fix is longer to acquire (an average of 10-15min in my experience) as compared to 2secs with a data connection. Another thing to consider is that you need an app that supports offline maps.
  9. testeraf

    testeraf Well-Known Member

    Luken8r, what did you end up using?
  10. talikarni

    talikarni Member

    Maps with me has to be the best, it uses open source mapping and requires no connection to use, but it does for map downloads like other states or countries
  11. porksawz

    porksawz New Member

    The best I have ever found for North America is Navigon. I am a long haul trucker and it has been better than the $600 truck gps units I have tried. It took me a few months until I found a "free" copy. It works without a sim card in the phone, so it's an offline GPS for sure. I finally stumbled on it at www.kat.ph torrent site. The name of the torrent with Navigon in it is "Most Wanted Android Gps Navigation Software Pack" It has a few different GPS apps in there. Hope this helps, it's the only free download I could find of it anywhere.
  12. turbotrauma

    turbotrauma Active Member


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