offline GPS navigation?

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  1. bensg1

    bensg1 Member

    Has anyone figured out if it's possible to use the G1 for GPS navigation without accessing the internet? I'm about to drive to a different country and really don't want to pay the massive data roaming charges!

    I've already tried openstreetmap, I couldn't get it to work.

  2. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    You would have to have a program to cache all the map images ... there is at least one in the market but not sure if it covers europe ...

    I dont recall the name but i tried it in the early days ... and it was too cumersome to travel very far and have all the images needed
  3. kevco67

    kevco67 New Member

    I just got back from a trip and turned off my data plan using APNdroid (APNdroid disables you data connection). Then I used the app BigPlanet to cache my maps. I downloaded most of the maps I needed before I left and the rest downloaded via wifi during my trip. You can also use it to find you location using gps. BigPlanet supports a few different types of maps (google map/street, openstreet, ect)
  4. phi0002

    phi0002 New Member

  5. phan

    phan Member

    There are loads of sat nav apps that store their maps on the G1's SD card so the phone won't use the Internet. I don't think there are any free ones though. :mad: Paid for ones are reviewed on this navigation apps page. Actually, also relevant to this thread is this page about G1 data roaming. Make sure you don't have any monster phone bills by renaming your access point name before you go abroad. Then use airplane mode wifi to still be able to access wi-fi.
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  6. Trappist

    Trappist New Member

    For off-line maps creation i use free Mobile Atlas Creator 1.7 (maybe, there is a newer version, just search for it) with built-in .sqlite format import.

    On my gt-i5700 i use free RMaps (it demands .sqlite). Here is retail article from developer My Android Applications: Welcome to RMaps

    Mobile Atlas Creator imports also to Maverick format. At first glance free Maverick Lite app looks far nicer than RMaps: it's faster, has many great features - more here Online Help: Maverick.

    Remember to use maps well-compressed and of reasonable dimensions, smartphone is not some workstation. For example, Google [road] map 256x256px .png, satellite compressed .jpeg 70.
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  7. blackvyper

    blackvyper Well-Known Member

    I live in Germany and have been using CoPilot, Igo MyWay and Navigon for my navigation needs. I can't use Google Nav because it only works well if you don't go anywhere. I have no problems navigating to other countries from Bavaria using these programs. CoPilot is my favorite but I like starting up Navigon every now and then :)
  8. benchmark

    benchmark Well-Known Member

    try navigon, its super!
  9. Donovan071

    Donovan071 New Member

    does any of those have maps for the Caribbean islands?
    because im going on a cruise vacation on the 20 and would love to have maps stored in my android without using any data
  10. barqers

    barqers Well-Known Member

    I use Rmaps. I used Mobile Atlas creator to make my offline maps, and Rmaps as the application because it's the best I've found. For GPS to work properly though, Rmaps needs to sync the directions with the server, but it uses very very little bandwidth since it doesn't need to download all the map tiles now.
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  11. Donovan071

    Donovan071 New Member

    But i don't think i will be having any network with my At&t Captivate, thats why i was looking for maps that i could download to my phone and use with my GPS
  12. redcane

    redcane New Member


    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but it looks like there is reasonable answer missing - Navit. It's free in the android market, does offline routing (with voice guidance) using Open Street Map data.

    It's not perfect, I've seen some issues routing over distances greater than 200km on my laptop, and obviously some glitches from incomplete map data, but it's definitely usable.

    On first run you need to download an Open Street Map extract in navit's own format, but it offers a menu of choices of prebuilt maps to download. You'd probably need to do this on wi-fi since it's hundreds of megabytes (190mb for Australia Pacific, probably gigabytes for Europe).

    Hope that's useful to someone else.
  13. AntheaL

    AntheaL Guest

    Thanks. Unfortunately Navit won't install on the SD card.
  14. hakoch2

    hakoch2 New Member

    Skobbler has great route navigation.
    Great route-finding.
    Easy drag-drop viewing and zooming.
    Download only the maps you want.

    No voice guidance, no rerouting if you choose to detour.
    To search an address you need to be viewing the corresponding geographic area (can't search a street in Maryland while viewing delaware). Also will not find Route 211 if it's named State Route 211, or whatnot.

    Not perfect, but the best free option out there for map viewing AND route navigation with GPS.

    PLEASE let me know if you find something else, I'm searching for the same thing... ideally Google Navigation offline that does routing offline.
  15. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    CoPoilt Live V9
  16. Downloading and (pre-)storing all the audio data of turn-by-turn voice directions for a given route, including all the possible detours, would take faaar too long and eat up your phone's memory. That's why it's left out of offline operations.
  17. Brian566

    Brian566 Well-Known Member

    I am still searching !!!!

    Ovi maps
    Surly there is something Similar for the Android System I have sent all week searching and trying different ones::(:(
    I will not want to use data just use GPS and download the maps via Internet or free wi-fi to the SD card It is mainly search streets and on foot in cities and countryside in UK and Europe

    1) Skobbler
    Only works if you have a data connection as maps are not street if you use the downloaded maps you have no search or navigate ???

    2) Navit
    Rubbish could not get to find streets and locks up and is slow

    3) Mapdroyd
    Excellent maps and on sd but can only show were you are and has no search
    Anybody any ideas or found a good one even a pay one but must have foot and street maps

    4) Sygic
    This seems to get good reviews but seem more for cars and the cost is 30 euros !!!!!!!
  18. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    Why not just cache Google Map areas where you think you need them (destination), and carry a paper map with you. I "think" once you cache Google Maps, Maps and Nav should work with GPS only.
  19. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    You can pull up the cached maps to view only, it will not give you turn by turn directions. Its still a nice feature though.
  20. fdbryant3

    fdbryant3 Well-Known Member

  21. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    For a free open source app, Navit works reasonably well. It can be used offline (ie no need for data connection or data plan). It takes a bit to figure out how to work the interface and even now I am not sure I completely understand it. I just enable the GPS, find my destination on the map and tap the screen. The app will ask if I want to drive there. If I say yes, it will map out the driving directions from my current location. The voice is reasonably pleasant and understandable. It helps to figure out how to download portions of the maps directly from the website to save time and space (eg. I just downloaded map of the Lower Mainland area surrounding Vancouver, about 60 MB, instead of the whole of Canada, over 1 GB). It appears that the app is being developed and improved continually.

    For me, I like to know where I am going before I leave and much prefer to have a printed map from Google. But having a navigation app on the phone is a nice backup and neat toy to play with.
  22. jbomx363

    jbomx363 Active Member

    I use SYGIC. Worth the 15 bucks I paid for it. And you can choose drive to or walk to. They use TomTom maps. Right now, look on their facebook page as they are holding contests to give away the app too.

    You can use google maps and pre-cache the areas you are going to, then use it offline. But I personally couldn't get it to work like others have done OFFline.
  23. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    I re-read your post and now I think maybe you dont' need a turn-by-turn nav app at all.

    Maverick is primary an off-road nav for hiking.
    But when you use OpenStreetMaps you can find streets/roads with an address search function.
    This feature isn't listed in CodeSector's page on the link below but I use it in Maverick :)

    For the places you want to visit you have to pre-load the maps on the SD card (by WiFi). So you have to visit the places on the map with Maverick and while you do this Maverick will automatically download the maps (the area you see on the screen).
    This may be some work when you want to use a high zoom level.

    Did test the search feature again.
    It'll need a data connection even when the maps of the area on the SD card :(
    I think the app uses Google Maps in back ground for its search feature.

  24. hakoch2

    hakoch2 New Member

    Navfree in android market for free, usa maps should be coming soon, looking forward to trying it ott.
  25. chamwith

    chamwith New Member

    Came across this site when searching for an offline app for my android tablet and installed Navfree finally after trying several others mentioned in this site. It seems to work fine. Didn't go out with it though!!

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