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  1. GrantGChandler

    GrantGChandler New Member

    I have songs (a lot) for offline play in my download que. I get two notifications that will alternate. It will act like it is downloading, but will never get above 0%, or it will say "Can't download songs right now. check your Internet." I know I have good internet. I've cleared data and caches, restarted, verified account is setup to sync. All settings look correct. Nothing seems to make it download for offline play.

    Anybody else experiencing this?

    I understand there are better players out there, but I'm trying to give Google another chance with this cloud business.

  2. ImmBatman

    ImmBatman New Member guy. Thanks.
  3. plwalsh

    plwalsh New Member

    Exact same thing happening to me. Cannot figure out what it is. Getting really annoyed haha. I really hope someone out there knows what is happening!
  4. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    This is so often the problem of having your music in the cloud, it's only any good if you can get to it.

    The Sound Of Silence
  5. Adauth

    Adauth Well-Known Member

    Offline Music Importer app.

    check it out. Well worth the purchase price.
  6. GrantGChandler

    GrantGChandler New Member

    After some back and forth with Google, I discovered that for every artist that had songs in an unknown album (no album ID3 data), there was a unknown album under that artist that had every song in it without album data. Ex: Aerosmith's "Dream On" didn't have an album listed, so when I pulled up Aerosmith->Unknown Album, it had "Dream On," but also had songs listed from Boston, Guns n Roses, etc. So when I selected Aerosmith to download, it tried to download all of those songs too from other artists. I think this is what was making it crap out.

    If you only download songs with known albums, it seemed to work fine.

    Had to unmark the unknown albums for downloading, clear app data, and restart to keep Google Play from trying to re-que that huge folder though.

    Then, the only way to get these songs in their proper folder is through Google Play Music online. Google apparently really wants the Artist and Album Artist fields completed for everything to be filed correctly.

    I think I'm giving up on this app, but hope this helps someone else out there.
  7. oneharmonic

    oneharmonic New Member

    I had the same problem. The issue is that Google Play Music only allows 10 authorized devices at one time. But for people like you and I, who install new ROMs on their phones all the time, each new ROM install counts as a new device.

    The solution is simple.

    1. On your computer, go to

    2. Click the 'gear' icon on the top right corner and go to 'Music Settings'.

    3. Under 'Manage My Devices', click "Deauthorize" for one of your older entries. Or just deauthorize all devices and start clean.

    After I did that, I could download offline content again.
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  8. imfm

    imfm Well-Known Member

    Awesome! Thanks. I had like 10 devices in my list, old phones and like 5 redundant entries for my new phone.
  9. SoundFX

    SoundFX Member

    old thread i know, but maybe this will help someone. i was having this "cannot download music right now" problem with only 3 authorized devices. i have my cell phone, a nexus 7 tablet and of course my computer. i did have many fields that were empty, and a bunch of songs that had the track-title-artist all in just the title field. thinking that was part of it i manually edited all the songs to make them conform to google's fields. after several days of clearing, renaming, and re-downloading i was still getting the message at seemingly random times. once i get that message there are no more downloads, no matter how long you wait. only a delete and cache clear on the device would allow another attempt to begin. turns out i noticed a few songs that were slightly greyed out in the music list on the web browser. when clicking on these songs i got a "cannot play this song" error at the top of the window. not sure where these songs went but they seem to be missing despite being listed. i wish the grey was much lighter or a different color because it's hard to spot these and its seems to be the source of my transfer problems. anyhow i deleted these 20 or so entries out of 1007 songs and now my transfer to the devices goes through every time. problem solved for me!

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