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  1. R Deep Singh

    R Deep Singh Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know how to use this? I can see it in the settings for Google now but just doesnt want to seem to work for me

  2. benitorios

    benitorios Well-Known Member


    First, in Google Now, under the Voice menu, download the language pack(s) you need.
    Then, go to settings, language & keyboard and under Google voice typing, ensure that the languages you downloaded are there.

    Then go offline, launch an app with text input (e.g. messages) and on the keyboard's right side, above the dot, there's the microphone symbol. Long press it, then speak. :)

    Note that some users in Asia have reported issues with Google Now, being that you need to set its language to English US for it to talk back as it should. There's a thread on XDA forums about it, I can look it up if you need.

    Good luck!

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