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  1. toolmail11

    toolmail11 New Member

    :mad: I had this nice galaxy europa (551) for like two months now... i found online how to flash it using Odin and i did it.... i had a bit confident and then i decided to flash it again using gingerbread 2 3 4 ... this time things got wrong: i don't know. the flashing process took longer(more than 20 m) so i decided to to unplug the cable,,, then the battery and then ! boom nothing.. my little android is dead:eek: no booting no download mode no power no charging no pc connection not even a small sign of any kind:eek:...

    please if you have any trick or advice on how to bring it back i would be grateful!

  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Samsung Galaxy 551 is Callisto not Europa .Samsung Galaxy 5 is Europa .
    If you flashed Callisto Firmware on Europa then the phone is dead because you flashed the wrong Bootloader including the arm11boot which boots the phone . You will need to take it to service centre if it's in warranty . If you are into soldering and tinkering then JTag can recover the phone .
    Cheers !!
  3. Muhammad Adel

    Muhammad Adel New Member

    Press the download mode buttons without battery , then insert battery while u r still pressing them , u'll be in download mode
  4. mustafa603

    mustafa603 New Member

    Thank you so much! I did it :)

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