Ok, Now I'm totally CONFUSED.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by g2k, Apr 16, 2010.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    Hi, gang. I hope all of you are enjoying 2.05d as much as I am.

    I do have some questions though, I'll start off with what I've dome so far.

    I ROOTED my phone and am running RA 1.5xx...Successful

    I D/L fresh 2.05d and installed/flashed...Successful

    I formatted SD Card to 512mb ext2, max swap, rest fat32...Successful

    I formatted ext2 to ext3...successful, but I lost ALL my info on the card, apparently the card gets formatted in the process (no big deal).

    Q1) how do I re setup the appropriate folder structure on the fat32 partition to reload my music, pics, etc?*******SOLVED*********

    I read (somewhere) that Baseband needs to have a fix applied to it to fix certain issues.

    Q2A) Is this *still* true?...yes it is....*******SOLVED*********

    Q2B) Where do I download the zip for it?....i forget

    Q3) I keep reading about opening a terminal (on the phone), where is this terminal???

    Q3A) Is this terminal ONLY accessible from the recovery screen?

    Q4) I have an icon in programs called "super user permission" when I launch it I get a black screen, pressing anything causes it to just go back to the main home screen.

    What is this icon for/do?

    I would like to get the lock screen from fresh 1.5 (the clear one with just the time).

    Q5) How do I do that and install it??...can't.....*******SOLVED*********

    Q6) Does 2.05d solve the problem of the native sms app not allowing the phone to sleep?....it appears so

    Q7A) Does 2.05d solve the problem of the htc sense clock/weather widget not updating?....no

    Q7B) If so, what is the *best* weather app to run on 2.05d?

    Sorry for so many questions but I have done so much searching today that I'm lost and don't remember where I saw any of this info.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. 2.05d is VERY nice; I really really like it.

    I'm kind of confused because the layout of settings is different,
    I love the layout; but It'll take a minute to get good with it...;)


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