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OK, on custom ROM, have Root ;) Now what?

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  1. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,

    So I'm on the Modaco custom ROM with Root - what are the things I should try out? I've already got Titanium Backup on there...

  2. yakboy

    yakboy Well-Known Member

    Congratulations on being one of the first tech freak! I have a couple of questions if you don't mind answering them:

    1. Does the Monaco ROM remove touch wizz?

    2. Does it use the stock dialer/ contacts app?

    Thanks in advance!
  3. cooki3s

    cooki3s Member

    The modaco rom is the same as the normal SGS rom, but it includes things like busybox, root, and optimized performance (including market optimization scripts) plus the ability to choose to remove some stock applications (like layar or swype).
  4. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    What he said, and no, it doesn't remove TouchWiz.
  5. yakboy

    yakboy Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys, I'm going to do a little reading on the whole rooting and mod scene and see if I can't figure out how I can work towards removing this god-awful contacts app!
  6. mohnishism

    mohnishism Well-Known Member

    im so glad custom roms can be installed on da galaxy s just like on da motorola droid..correct me if im wrong...
  7. goondu

    goondu Active Member

    I don't consider the Modaco's Rom to be truly customized, at least not yet. The kernel is still stock, touchwiz is the integral part of the ROM. Of course, the tweaks discovered by Paul was really fabulous, but nevertheless it is still a stock rom to me.
  8. stylelite

    stylelite Well-Known Member

    Hi every one, I have just got my sgs and have a couple of question. When it turned up it was in the original samsung box only bit of orange on it was the 2 for 1 cinema tickets. after unboxing it there is no orange logo on the back or front of the phone. There are only 2 orange apps installed, 1 orange maps, 2 orange contacts backup. what im trying to sort out is if the phone is unbanded, the following is in about phone: Baseband i9000XXJF3, Firmware Version 2.1- update 1, Build Number ECLAIR, Kernal Version 2.6.29 followed by imts_scm@S1-BUILD05 #2. If some one could tell from the above if this a branded or un-branded phone it will help me to decide if and when i need to flash it if at all.
    Thanks to you all.
  9. voodooochild

    voodooochild Well-Known Member

    I was on orange and that is the firmware that mine shipped with and the orange apps on your phone make it sound branded as they only ship with orange branded phones. there was a dialler number code (*#xxxxx#) that tells you but i cant remember what it was.

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