Ok so i rooted, now what?

  1. homesick

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    Ok guys and gals, I have tried reading and figuring out rooting, and it just confused me. I am a long time reader, but linux really isnt my style. Anyway i decided to root today, mainly because I wanted to OC. So i got the sholes updater and setcpu. So far I am not impressed. I have no idea what sholes did, other than it rooted my phone? and I can only set setcpu to 550 Mhz max, which I thought I saw somewhere that you need bugless beast to get 800 MHz or higher. WTF? I wanted to get 2.1 on my phone and have a OC'd cpu, but I am totally lost. I have flashed xbox 360's, dealt with firmwares and everything of that nature, but for some reason I am just not grasping this. could someone at least point me in the right direction to get done what i want to, and maybe suggest something cool that i can actually do with my now rooted phone? Any help would be greatly appericated. BTW iphone sucks. :)

  2. droidpcguru

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    Sholes roms are really nice. When you install the ROM, it asks what you want to add/eliminate to your liking. Did you install the ROM(Not just root)? I recommend 2.0.5.

    Once the ROM is installed(not just rooted). Make sure you go inmto device selection in SetCPU and select "Autodetect". All the OC steps will then show.

    Sholes Roms are 2.0.1. based, but have tons of 2.1 apps(minus the buggy launcher 2 and live wallpapers). There are a couple 2.1-based roms out thre, but they are a work in progress and have some major bugs yet, due to the fact that 2.1 is not yet released for Droid.
  3. viomonk

    viomonk Well-Known Member

    Set cpu's basic function when you select a ceftain model, such as the droid, it gives you the most its supposed to go and lower so that you can make your choice on lowering for battery life. Just choose autodetection near the bottom of the list and you'll be set.
  4. homesick

    homesick Member

    thanks for the quick replys guys, I just rooted i believe? I dont think i have the sholes rom? which is what i was looking for i think. and on setcpu i did know i had to set it to autodetect, which is what i have it set at, but the max i can go is only 550. is the sholes rom on the marketplace? all i did today was the root, where you hold down x, then volume and camera, and blah blah, then i restarted. and I am rooted lol, but everything looks exactly the same, except i have two new icons on my phone, one is sm updater, which i clicked on that and it said something about recovery, so I was assuming that would take me back to stock, and the other one is superuser permissions, which when i pull it up is just a blank screen with nothing to change edit? thanks again for the quick replys, and excelent advice.
  5. viomonk

    viomonk Well-Known Member

    Ok so currently you are just rooted, to finish off and flash the sholes 2.0.5 rom just run the smupdater. The recovery thing is a failsafe for if the flashing doesn't go as planned. Smupdater is the sole way to get sholesmod onto your phone. From personal experience its rediculously simple as compared to other technology. And the differences are crazy good.
  6. homesick

    homesick Member

    lol ok, so even though it says (quit now) recommended, I should procede? I thought it was going to wipe the device or something. Ok I feel silly now. Ok, one last thing as far as recovery is converned, how do I go about making a backup of my device, where should I store it? (on my pc) and if the time comes to use it, how do I? Or once I press proced on this sholes updater does it do all of that for me? And with the 2.1 that is supposed to be released soon, if I understand correctly if i dont turn off ota updates it will un root my phone, and make it never again rootable. is that correct? thanks again.
  7. zoeckler

    zoeckler Member

    ya, go ahead and continue. the first time i used smupdater I was fooled by the (recommended) options also! The cool thing about the sholes smupdater is that it does a backup of the system before it flashes to any new rom. Im not sure that it includes apps though... it may just be the system files so you can get back to a working environment if anything bad happens.
  8. viomonk

    viomonk Well-Known Member

    Damn, he beat me to the punch. Yeah that's the best part of sholes' updater, he covers all bases.
  9. homesick

    homesick Member

    ok great thanks! and if something where to go ary, how do i revert? and i hit continue, but which rom do you guys recommend? i have 3 i can see, stock (no root) bitchin bagel 2.0.5 and BB 2.0.3. are there others i can get? i was particuarly interested in that senseUI. Also i am reading that there is alot of customization that you can do, but someone metioned somthing about un checking facebook? anything i should know when setting this up?

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