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Ok, this is cool.Tips

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  1. greeder

    greeder Member

    So forgive me if you already knew this. I'm new at this.
    So the other night I had my A200 tethered to my desktop (because I was downloading movies to watch later). Then I went to the Android store to look for an app. Which I did find. Remember, I'm doing this search on my desktop. So,when I clicked on install, the app was installed on my tablet.
    is that cool, or what?

  2. Ad Maiora

    Ad Maiora New Member

    It is!
  3. A Lost Soul

    A Lost Soul New Member

    Yeah it's kinda old news, but I'm glad you found it. Better late than never. obviously you need to be signed into your respective google account for it to work.
  4. javasirc

    javasirc Well-Known Member

    I found about it on accident. I clicked on buy because I just intended to buy it and install later. Then it said it was installing. My phone turned on, and said it was downloading.

    Previously I would use Google Play on my laptop, find an app then search for it on my phone to download it. Its nice being able to search for and install from desktop.

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