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  1. PDConner

    PDConner Well-Known Member

    Hi, I am asking a question about the display I notice.. I have posted a picture below and everyone that has this phone can check for me if you would and let me know if you see the same thing.. if you notice there is a smear of the white windmills across the screen and also up top where there is no clouds you will see the lines of what it looks like... If you change the brightness as high as it will go with this (live background) you will see it really bad.. anyway is this just the program or is this the screen... Can someone help please..
    is is the direct link to the picture.. please let me know asap...


  2. Queen6

    Queen6 Well-Known Member

    Given that the lines are captured in the screenshot and my Gnote (only this live wallpaper) is the same, the line are due to the image not the hardware.
  3. Ziplomatic

    Ziplomatic Member

    Should I say most or almost all owners of the GNote are facing the problem of banding, deeps black rendering etc on pictures and videos. You must have noticed blocks of black appearing on even 1080p video files(flash content not to be counted, thats different). Theres some hope onto fixing this issue.
    Developer Supercurio has been working on this now for more than week and he is content with the development and progress to the solution and will be released soon(to be bought of course).

    Check the thread called "Video on Note" on XDA.
  4. PDConner

    PDConner Well-Known Member

    I just dont understand.. I dont have this problem with my SAMSUNG GALAXY SII (international version) so why would I have it on this phone.. And I dont want to HACK the phone to make it better.. Does anyone else see this issue (the brightness) needs to be turned all the way up to really really see it.. Can you guys let me know.. thanks
  5. biker74

    biker74 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I know I'm going to tempt fate here, but I dont seem to get this issue. Well, I think I see it in slightly lesser quality pictures but generally its ok on my Note.
  6. Queen6

    Queen6 Well-Known Member

    Nor mine, picture quality is in general superb, I went through the threads on XDA and my GNote exhibits no banding, blocking during playback as long as the source file is of reasonable quality...

    Mine is a white GNote made end Dec 11, standard firmware & software, I have no doubt there is some issue, all the same it looks to not affect 100% of GNotes
  7. B2L

    B2L Well-Known Member

    Same here, I'm experiencing no issues with my White GNote.

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