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OLD Battery install - HELP!!!

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  1. ccjbird

    ccjbird New Member

    I installed an old battery (same model from the Droid 1 - which got wet) into my Droid 2 to see if it charged. Now, the NEW battery fromt he Droid 2 shows almost drained when I know I charged it full from the night before. Did the battery stats in the phone get messed up? Any ideas on how to reset? This is NOT a rooted phone (it is my daughters).

    Help greatly appreciated ahead of time!


  2. biggiesmalls657

    biggiesmalls657 Well-Known Member

    Battery terminals aren't charging correctly and it says it charge but it can't hold a charge im guessing...someone who has had a d1 maybe could elaborate on this better
  3. biggiesmalls657

    biggiesmalls657 Well-Known Member

    If you had root, you could wipe battery stats.
  4. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja VIP Member

    im not so sure the battery stats would be the culprit here, its possibly you have a bad battery.

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