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  1. ffstevens

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    I like most updated to the new facebook and hated it due to the picture issues it is having. Did some research and found this link. Downloaded it and it works awesome. Must have third party apps checked in the settings. <a href="Download free Facebook for Android app for Android at Freeware Lovers" title="Download Facebook for Android for Android">Facebook for Android for Android</a>

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  2. Gill_110

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    Have just seen your post about old versions of Facebook for Android. I currently have the latest version available for my phone - Version 1.6.4. I have an HTC Hero Android 2.1. However, recently, I noticed that my phone contacts were no longer syncing with Facebook. To say that this has driven me mad trying to solve this is an understatement! I will now try one of your previous version of the programme - but please can you possibly recommend the most up-to-date version of Facebook for Android that will sync with my phone contacts.


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