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  1. xx_raj_xx

    xx_raj_xx Well-Known Member

    now that the updated JD isn't working properly on my phone...sure I am not the only one..
    does anyone have a link to a slightly older working version. tried a few downloads, no luck so far

    thank you


  2. dpk0875

    dpk0875 Active Member

    give it couple of days and couple of charges mate

    when i installed the new version on mine the widget was showing only x1.00 but after awhile it is back to above x2.00

    the new version also features turn 3g on only after screen unlock which i love
  3. xx_raj_xx

    xx_raj_xx Well-Known Member


    I wasn't to worried about what the widget was saying, it seemed it was draining battery quicker then it did before ;-)
    thanks for your comments. may try it again in a while.

  4. stocker

    stocker Well-Known Member

    Same thing on mine. I installed the update, and now it doesn''t work at all. Says its working, but I am pretty sure it isn't.

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