OMG I Accidently Removed Menu ButtonSupport

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  1. tom_allyn

    tom_allyn Well-Known Member

    I was trying to launch Google Now by holding down the menu button as I believe that is what it said to do somewhere her on the forum. However, when I did that a message came up I think saying move/remove and my finger twitched and hit remove. Now I have no menu button.

    How do I get the menu button back?

    I'm really feeling quite stupid at the moment.:banghead:

    I searched the forum and didn't find anything.

  2. thahim

    thahim Well-Known Member

    Is your menu button not working also on the home screen or just not working for google now?
  3. tom_allyn

    tom_allyn Well-Known Member

    I accidentally removed in from the home screen. However I re-flashed CleanRom and now its back. So now I'm just having to restore everything via Titanium Backup.

    If there one thing I can say I'm learning a lot about this stuff. Possibly more than I thought I cared to, but I'm finding it kind of fun now.

    Whats funny is my son is the tech geek in the family and all he's interested in is rooting his phone.

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