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  1. d1sco

    d1sco New Member

    Hello, i have some issue with my phone (HTC Wildfire S). Not always, but sometimes, i deal with the ON/OFF Button that won't work. I mean, it has no effect at all. Sometimes after many tries to unlock the phone, i am forced to take off the battery and put it back on to make the phone work. What do you think this may be? Thanks !

  2. d1sco

    d1sco New Member

    please help me !
  3. Caro332

    Caro332 Well-Known Member

    I do believe there is an app that can shut it down when you press the icon. But to turn it back on....But I wouldn't know why you have that problem. It's probably some hardware issue. If you have your warantee, take it to the HTC service centre and they should fix it for you
  4. pedrobarnacles

    pedrobarnacles New Member

    I have the same problem with mine. I thought it was software but on closer inspection it is definitely hardware. The silver plastic on/off switch can't actuate the microswitch which controls the power/wake function. If you can get your finger nail between the rear of the switch and the case (behind the removable back cover) you should be able to turn your device on or off easily. Hope that helps.

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