On tasker I have a couple of profiles set up

Last Updated: 2013-01-23 22:34:07
  1. nokmond

    nokmond Member

    Hi all, new member here!

    I've just moved to android from iPhone, galaxy note 2 to be precise...

    On tasker I have a couple of profiles set up, Wi-Fi at home, volume etc.

    I have a night time profile which lowers volume and turns off both wifi and mobile data - the only problem is my wifi at home profile stays on and cancels the night profile out.

    I know I need to use a variable on the wifi at home profile but I'm struggling to get to grips with it. Can someone show me how to make my wifi at home profile active only when my night profile is not active?

    Hope that makes sense!

  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    could you please break down each profile by context and task?
  3. nokmond

    nokmond Member

    Yes, I have a wifi at home which turns on when I get within 500m of home and turns mobile data off.

    Then the night profile kicks in at 11 which turns the volume to silent and switches off wifi and data till 7am.

    Because I'm still at home tho the wifi didn't turn off.
  4. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    simply add a time context to the WiFi at home profile so you have to be within 500m of home AND between 7am and 11pm
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  5. nokmond

    nokmond Member

    Thanks, I was just playing around with variables before I checked back on this thread and I've sorted it so wifi at home disables if 'night's off active.

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