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  1. Simon_Gardner

    Simon_Gardner Well-Known Member

    Is it possible to mount the Note 3 on a domestic network (via wifi) so you can move files between a computer and the phone that way? Or even print to a network printer that way?

  2. xaelith

    xaelith Well-Known Member

    ES File Explorer does allow connecting to a network or network drive, but I haven't tested how effective it is (or not) with transferring files. Dropbox is very handy for transferring files from phone to computer and back as well, but uses their own servers, and requires a subscription for space beyond 2 GB (with few exceptions). As for printing, I won't be very helpful there, I'm afraid. :eek: I haven't had a need to print a file from my phone, so I don't have much info on the subject.
  3. redpill2016

    redpill2016 Well-Known Member

    Is there any way to use my existing Dropbox account but not sync all the folders to the phone? I have 12GB of stuff there as a bunch of us use it at work for easy collaboration but obviously I don't want all that on my phone.
  4. xaelith

    xaelith Well-Known Member

    Unless there's a different version of Dropbox for Android 4.3, the mobile app more or less gives one access to their account; unlike the Desktop version, it doesn't download files to the phone (not without the help of a second app or a user manually doing so, anyway).
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  5. redpill2016

    redpill2016 Well-Known Member

    Cool, good to know, thanks!
  6. TexasRelic

    TexasRelic Active Member

    I have an Epson printer that has an app that will allow printing from my device (SG3 and Note 10.1) As far as I know you will need a printer with an app for this to work.

    As xaelith said ES file Explorer will allow you to browse your network. I have a NAS (Network attached Storage) device that I can access with this app on my home network.

    Best of Luck!
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  7. Simon_Gardner

    Simon_Gardner Well-Known Member

    Doh. I'd forgotten about that. One of the printers is one of those and there is indeed an App to print to it. *Goes off to fetch Epson App*
  8. Simon_Gardner

    Simon_Gardner Well-Known Member

    Right well I know the Epson app prints as I got a mate to do it from her phone a year or more ago but I just found an app that successfully prints direct to my always on ancient network postscript laser B+W printer. Works like a dream.

    Very pleased.

    Now all I want to do is solve the file transfer over the network thing.


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