Once Rooted then Updates

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    First fully new at this and feel kinda stupid. But hey...Once the phone is rooted is it possible to get any updates for the phone ? and how ?

    I found a site that has a one click root so I am curious as to the bootloader what real difference will it make if I am not planning on flashing a new ROM ?

    Thanks again sure this has asked over and over yet could not find it on the One X. I also have a Nexus that I had rooted and flashed to Google from Samsung yet I had this done.

    This is the link I found for the Rooting still good or ?
    How to root the AT&T One X

    Thanks again

  2. lmarranzino

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    Rooting but staying with stock ROM is still worth doing, as you can do a lot more with your phone. Think of it as being like an admin in Windows or root in Linux. But I bet you'll soon move to a custom ROM :)

    So do I need to unlock the bootloader in order to do this and then how do any updates comes through? Sorry a very noob plus much older than some here I am sure which adds to the nerves of this.LOL

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