Onda V972 Allwinner A31 Quad Core 9.7inch Retina IPS Screen Dual Camera Tablet PC

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    Onda V972 Quad Core Tablet PC Review by *****
    Today we have a new comer in the quad core tablets family, different from other tablets we have already introduced previously, this one is a 9.7 inch tablet. It is ONDA V972.

    Same as the New iPad, V972 equipped with a 9.7 inch IPS Retina screen, has the same visual experience of the New iPad. Same size, same screen, the different is it is much cheaper than iPad, and it is a quad core powerful tablet.

    As a 4:3 scale tablet, ONDA V972 is much more convenience to use. We can easily access to every corner of the screen without any uncomfortable feeling. No matter you are browsing web or playing games, it’s much easier for you. So you can use it as use iPad.

    Before the review, let's watch a demo video on it.

    Now, I’ll show you this Onda V972 pictures by pictures.

    First, let’s see the main parameters of Onda V972.
    Operating system Android 4.1
    Screen type Retina IPS capacitive touch screen
    Screen size 9.7 inch
    Resolution 2048*1536
    CPU Allwinner A31 quad core 1.2GHz
    RAM 2GB
    ROM 16GB
    Camera Front 2.0MP rear 5.0MP
    Card extend 32GB
    Dimension 242*187*9.8mm
    Net weight 550g
    Battery capacity 6300mAh

    More detailed information will be told with more pictures.

    Here are the photos of Onda V972.

    Accessories, manual, USB cable, charger. Easy to carry with it.
    The front camera, 2.0MP. Covered under the surface glass.

    Aluminum back shell of Onda V972. Improve the taste of tablet.
    The back camera, 5.0MP. Very rare in 9.7 inch tablets, match its retina screen. And the surface cover is scratch-resistance material.

    I/O: Front left to right, dual channel speaker, mic, micro USB port, micro SD card slot, mini HDMI port, earphone port. As you can see the edge is much thinner than the earphone port’s diameter. Onda V972 is a very thin tablet.

    The left button is the home button and the right button is the power button.

    OK, then next are the user’s interface of Onda V972.

    The desktop, high resolution retina screen reveal every detail of the background image. True color display makes the background looks alive.

    The applications drawer, notice there is an app called Update. It is for update the firmware, you can choose to update via online or local storage.

    Onda V972 supports multi-language, you can easily switch to your native language just by tap on it.

    Next, let’s see some conventional application.

    Google play opens swiftly.

    YouTube main page opens without any problems.

    Same as V812, V972 supports max. 4 HD video play simultaneously. And maximum 15 videos preview in one screen.

    As a quad core tablet, its screen resolution increased to 2048* 1536, the ppi has 4 times increasing and up to 264, it’s absolutely the highest equipped quad core tablets at present. So users who like games will have an extremely wonderful joy in playing games and also to the movies funs.

    Coming next, let’s see how wonderful this quad core tablet can bring to us.

    Mass Effect: Infiltrator, many Android fans must know this game. At the first time since it’s released, there are only several Android based devices can run it without delay and halt. This game had been called as hardware killer. As we try to play this game on V972, it react very quickly, every shooting and every scrolling of the character execute smoothly and naturally. You can enjoy your shooting and killing by this tablet.

    Riptide GP, another racing game used to test V972′s gyro sensor, during playing, the rolling of the motorboat and the accelerating of it is some sort of joy. Especially the splash when the boat landed in the water from the air is very distinctly.

    These two games need high configuration tablets to run especially the first one. Onda V972 can smoothly run these two games, so you have no need to worry about big games. They are no big matter to V972.

    After the game test, now let’s see the benchmark test score.

    AnTuTu test score break 11000, the highest single test score is the 3D graphics, in the high resolution of 1536*1962, the 3D graphics score still can last 3200+, it’s very difficult for a retina screen tablet.

    NenaMark2 test, 41.5 FPS, not the best, because the 3D rendering resolution has been escalated to 1962*1536, so it lower down the FPS rate.

    CPU+GPU stability test. After 30 minutes running at full load, both GPU and CPU has no errors occurred. Onda V972′s stability is very good.

    This picture is the GLbench Egypt HD test screen shot, notice the reflection on the floor and luster on the eagle, the Open-GL features has been revealed completely and vivid.

    Onda V972, a quad core tablet has a RAM of 2GB, and 9.7 inch IPS retina screen and its resolution is 2048*1536. During the test, the most outstanding features of V972 is its graphics processing ability. It’s the winner of 3D graphics among the quad core tablets. You will have a total differently visual experience with V972. Via its powerful GPU and retina technology screen, user’s will enter a new level of using tablet. They will be deeply impressed by its high performance and ergonomic design for comfortable using.

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