Onda Vi-40 - I just bought one. Any questions you want to ask?

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  1. Nwotnot

    Nwotnot Active Member


    I just bought an Onda Vi-40 here in China. My budget was limited, and the basic tablet at retail is about 14,500RMB (166 Euro, US$222).

    Allwinner A10 1.5GHz - more information on this chip here
    Mali GPU-400
    9.7 inch IPS, 1024 x 768 High Resolution Capacitive 5 Points Multi-touch Screen
    OS Android 4.0.1 OS (Ice Cream Sandwidh) (4.0.3 upgradeable) (Google CTS certified)
    1GB Flash Memory DDR3 Ram
    8GB NAND Flash built in
    2160p Smooth video playback performance
    Dual Camera 5.0 Rear, 1.3 Front
    Bluetooth Dongle Supported
    3G Dongle Supported
    Audio Built in Loud Speaker
    6500mAh Rechargeable Battery
    Video playback time: Up to 8~10 hours
    242 x 190 x 12mm
    600 grams
    3.5MM headphone jack
    Microphone out
    Micro SD card slot
    Mini USB
    Mini HDMI out
    USB Cable

    It comes rooted, and my reading on other forums is that the chip, and Onda, offer regular firmware updates for their products.

    In my initial excitement I was looking for a Flytouch or similar as they can be seen with built-in 3G, GPS and more. However, on further inquiry, it seems these are built to sell on spec more than quality and durability - at the moment. I think I am buying a little ahead of the bang for buck line, and maybe in a year or so we can see better supported tablets with those features at budget prices.

    I got some valuable advice here:
    So I tempered my expectations, as money is limited, and decided to look at some of the more established names. I can't afford to be an early adopter of buggy products. :) I narrowed it down to the Onda Vi140, Viewsonic 97a (Only available in China, but searchable) and the Teclast A10t). They all have IPS screens, something I wanted.

    Why Onda?
    I like the idea they update FW.
    The viewsonic seemed slower, and very slippery in the hands. The specs don't favour it.

    My wife and I both thought the Onda looked nicer, and the build "felt" better than the Teclast, and the camera on the Teclast is only .3MP front, and we envisage my wife Skyping on this in the future with a 3G external card.

    Very subjective, I know, but so far I'm happy enough. I'll let you know if I have problems.

    Currently running ICS 4.03, basband 0.6 Kernel 3.08+

    Let me know if you have any questions. I'm hellishly busy over the weekends, but will reply as soon as I can.



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  2. josh4545

    josh4545 New Member

  3. alexious

    alexious Member

    Hi, David!
    Do you have problems with skype also?
    This is what my friends get on their side, when talking to me...
  4. Nwotnot

    Nwotnot Active Member

    Skype did work, but the latest update refuses to work. ( I re-flashed and never kept the old version.)

    Looking on the PlayStore comments, it's a big problem for many Android users. :confused:

    I'm also about to get mine repaired as it's developed a screen fault and I'm not happy with the volume - can't get it loud enough for a room full of people to hear. :mad:

    Otherwise, all good.

  5. alexious

    alexious Member

    Can the old version be found somehow/somewhere?
  6. Nwotnot

    Nwotnot Active Member

    I'll hunt around the web this weekend. May have a copy in my backup.

  7. alexious

    alexious Member

    ok tnx
    waiting for your news :)

  8. Nwotnot

    Nwotnot Active Member

    See your inbox. Skype works.

  9. creektrails

    creektrails Active Member

    Hi David,
    I ordered this same unit for my wife from Pandawill and it shipped on march 27. Was just wondering if everything worked out of the box or if you did any updating. Does flash work? Youtube? How about Netflix? This looks great for the price and I am hoping that my wife loves it. Thanks for taking questions. I have been looking for a thread like this for a while.
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  10. Nwotnot

    Nwotnot Active Member

    It's a great tablet, but I'm in China for work, so no YouTube/Facebook/Netflix.

    There's a dedicated froum over at Slatedroid for the Onda A10 tablets. They discuss custom ROMs and tech stuff. Onda also post over there.

  11. DarrenTan

    DarrenTan New Member

    I would like to ask you guys about buying this tablet.
    Do you think buying from vendors from Alibaba is better than from online store like Pandawill, Androidinabox, etc? Alibaba price is lower..very tempting...

    Thanks for your help!
  12. Nwotnot

    Nwotnot Active Member

    I'm lucky to be in China, though even then I have just had to return mine because of a screen fault. By all accounts I'm unlucky as I haven't heard of anyone else with this problem on the V3 models.

    Personally, I would buy with protection as the cost of returning to a potential unknown and untrusted source could be much higher than any saving

    I always advise to buy locally, with purchase protection if you can. Also, search the forums for suppliers that post regularly. On Slatedroid, there's a dedicated Onda A10 tablet forum and a guy (Roman???) has a company called "TNT". He has issued his own ROM. That's the sort of support I'd look for from a supplier.

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  13. nick789uk

    nick789uk Member

    Hi came to turn my tablet on yesterday evening nothing it had been working fine in the morning had a full battery, tried the reset button nothing plugged the charger in nothing not even the battery which shows it charging, managed to re flash the rom still nothing, do get sometimes a crack from the speakers when holding down the on button for a period of time, any help with this or has it died its only just over a month old.:mad:
  14. Nwotnot

    Nwotnot Active Member

    If you can't get any response, it doesn't sound/look good. :(

    Hopefully you've got purchase protection/consumer rights from where you bought it.

  15. pinkygirl

    pinkygirl New Member

    Hi there.

    Can we install whatsapp application in Onda vi40 tablet? Have u try to use it?

    Or has anyone used whatsapp application in Onda vi40 tablet?

    Thanks :)
  16. Nwotnot

    Nwotnot Active Member

    I have seen many people on forums using it on other Allwinner A10 tablets, so there's no reason to believe it won't work on the Vi40.

    http://www.whatsapp.com/android/current/WhatsApp.apk would be the link - direct from the developer.

    Enjoy your tablet! :)

  17. riazk67

    riazk67 New Member

    my storage is not working now what should i do?
  18. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Have you tried resetting it back to factory defaults? If that doesn't fix it, it's more than likely faulty. If it's under warranty, RMA it for a replacement or refund.

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