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One Click Root now available

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  1. llol_slim

    llol_slim Member

    There are many that have still not rooted their Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 handsets mainly due to the perceived complexity involved. Ever since the root for the Xperia X10 was first announced the process has got easier and easier. The recently announced Exploid root method for the X10 mini and X10 mini pro handsets already works perfectly for the Xperia X10, but now an even simpler method has emerged. All you have to do is download and install the UniversalAndroot apk. Once installed, all you then do is click the root button and you should have a rooted handset. The apk also has an unroot button, so if you don’t want it for whatever reason you can always revert back. The benefits of rooting are numerous and include being able to run root-only apps such as Titanium Backup and Barnacle Wifi Tether that turns your X10 into a wireless hotspot.

  2. survivor 13

    survivor 13 Member

  3. llol_slim

    llol_slim Member

    Is that a guess or do you know that?
    I just copied the article from another site. I downloaded it and have run it ..
    Should I remove it?!
  4. MiniDroid

    MiniDroid Well-Known Member

    I guess it's too late if you've installed it - who knows where the spyware is hiding in your phone now....
    If it is malware/spyware (I don't know but don't thrust it either) the best is to reflash your phone with original SE firmware (don't backup/restore anything as it might drag the spyware with it)

    Also it wasn't a "new" hack, it was based on a known exploit.

    A good advice, never trust unknown root hacks, only the ones from high profile/good known persons on well known sites like xda.
    (even question posts on that forum and wait for the thumbs up from the good guys)


    Source is out - with a warning:
    "However it is likely that compiled binaries appear soon.
    Take care not to use a trojanized version! "

    So I would crosscompile the source and not use any binary of this exploit....
    Link to source:
    Don't mess with this if you don't know what you're doing....!!!
  5. llol_slim

    llol_slim Member

    ok thanks, I've removed the link as a precaution - I' reflash my phone then
  6. survivor 13

    survivor 13 Member

    hi, sorry i didnt reply sooner. Been away all day lol.
    In my field of work i have to be EXTREMELY careful as i retain/transfer alot of important information each day.
    The Download red flagged initially, but like most people would usually think - i assumed it was maybe just a warning as the antivirus software didnt know the source. But when i did download it went straight to quarantine :-(
    Glad i had the security to catch it :)

    Hope this helps people out a little. Sorry if it ends up a false alarm or anything lol.
  7. MiniDroid

    MiniDroid Well-Known Member

    These types of exploits usually always end up in the quarantine if scanned by antivirus due to the type of code it is. That doesn't make it a trojan/malware/spyware - think abaout it, is your antivirus on your PC for PC viruses or phone viruses? :)

    So the code itself is clean but it could bring along 2 other players.
    1) a PC trojan or similar (which the PC antivirus would quarantine)
    2) an Android trojan or smiliar (which the PC antirivus wouldn't pick up)
    And typical false positives as the codes nature is an exploit.

    Therefor, the best is always use the source - and/or a trusted known source for exploit-tools.
  8. survivor 13

    survivor 13 Member

    True, but i honestly dont know enough to feel comfortable with it and make a solid decision that its safe. So (for now at least) i think im gonna just leave it until i either know alot more about the process involved in rooting ect, or know more background info on the source to be able to make that safe judgement :)
  9. llol_slim

    llol_slim Member

    that's my only point about this file was downloaded from a site - actually the link to the site was in someone's signature on this forum I'm sure.

    I'm not sure if I'm allowed to put links in so I won't.

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