One Click Root Updated By Final /W Superuser 3.0.6 Binary 3.0.3 DOWNLOAD

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  1. finalturismo

    finalturismo Well-Known Member

    One Click Root Updated By Final /W Superuser 3.0.6 Binary 3.0.3 DOWNLOAD

    10/29/2011 - Added adb wait-for-device command, waits for device before running script.

    Download and run the batch file, restart the phone on your own.

    For all of you who could no longer root, using the official one click root.

    This will solve your problems, I added 4 batch commands.

    2 of them fully clear out your android's tmp folders. The other 2 commands delete your su files before attempting root.



    Batch Script

  2. mike760534211

    mike760534211 Well-Known Member

    I will test this when i get home today and post results
  3. jestar36

    jestar36 Member

    It updates the Super user APK but the binary stays set on 3.0 if I try to update it says Super user denied super user access..
  4. computed

    computed Member

    That's the problem I keep having, it almost seems that there was some update, that locked the original SU installation from the android revolution, and nothing I have tried allows access, to delete, overwrite or execute them.
    It wont update, it wont uninstall it wont overwrite.
  5. finalturismo

    finalturismo Well-Known Member

    Well i couldnt find bin 3.0.0 to emulate the problem.
    But i added 3 more commands to the command line.
    Its just like the adb shell rm /system/xbin/su
    but it uses the zergling exploit from the temp folder.

    This might be a way around your su file not being able to delete properly.

    adb shell /data/local/tmp/sh -c "rm /system/xbin/su"

    adb shell /data/local/tmp/sh -c "rm /system/bin/su"

    I added another copy command to make sure the su file was in the /system/xbin folder

    adb push su /system/xbin/su

    Try this and let me know what happens, no risk involved.

    if this does not work give me an instant messenger name so we can get down to the problem.
  6. mike760534211

    mike760534211 Well-Known Member

    Not sure what all you did but that worked perfectly for me.


    and Thanks again
  7. finalturismo

    finalturismo Well-Known Member

    I had it run 2 different delete commands for the su file, one after the other.

    I figured you weren't able to run the regular command for some reason.

    So i used the zergling exploit to attempt to delete your su file again.

  8. morgankslade

    morgankslade Well-Known Member

    I have the first root with SU v2.3.6.2 binary v2.3.2-efgh. Everything is working fine. Do I need to update anything, or leave well enough alone?
  9. finalturismo

    finalturismo Well-Known Member

    You can update the super user from app market, and binary from super user app.

    3.03 is safe

    The 3.0.0 and 3.0.1 updates caused users to lose root

    Thats what i made this patch for.

    but you can use it to update yours as well

    it is 100% safe

    I tested it multiple times from and v2.3.2
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  10. jestar36

    jestar36 Member

    Its worked turns out the zip i downloaded was corrupted n thats y it didnt work i have root again!!!
  11. bernz508

    bernz508 Active Member

    sorry to be such a noob but i downloaded the fix update zip, re-installed the drivers, even factory reseted and still not working.. im thinking its something with the su binary but i just cant figure it out..
    what you said about the su file not being able to delete properly. This quest on regaining root access is going on 2 weeks, please help! Thank you for your time.
  12. finalturismo

    finalturismo Well-Known Member

    Well you said you had a Samsung admire right?

    Just msg me on skype : finalturismo
  13. wayne137

    wayne137 Well-Known Member

    so when i get the phone i should use this way to root the phone than the one in the sticky???
  14. eljefe0000

    eljefe0000 Well-Known Member

    id like to know this ^^^ as well i got my phone yesterday it updated itself i have not tried rooting yet but im guessing its this root but id like to confirm this as well
  15. finalturismo

    finalturismo Well-Known Member

    its your choice really, the original one click root will work just fine, if it your first time rooting.

    The problem with the original one click root is, it doesn't clear out your tmp folders and delete the old su files before install.
    So if you ever re install, it could give you problems like it did for me.
  16. bernz508

    bernz508 Active Member

    so basically there's no way to re root my Samsung admire?
  17. finalturismo

    finalturismo Well-Known Member

    Get on Skype again, i had to go for a sec.
  18. androidph

    androidph Member

    hello, sorry for the noob question, may i know where I can find a step by step rooting of my Esteem? Any per-requisites or should be backed up before rooting?

    Thanks a heap.
  19. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Well-Known Member

  20. kanaida

    kanaida Well-Known Member

    I will talk to the maker about using his zerg exploit, and making it a free app to root and unroot properly without using the terminal at all as some of you seem to be having some problems. If you ever used Z4Root, pretty much the same type of thing. I just have to do a little reading so that it's not going to give me developer troubles on the market. I may just post the APK on my own website and the forum, but i'd be better on the market to keep it legitamite because people often modify APK's and put things in them that you don't want.
  21. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    Yeah and if you violate the Market rules like Better Keyboard 8 did with some other apps of theirs Google deletes you account and wont allow ANY of your apps to stay.
  22. kanaida

    kanaida Well-Known Member

    Yep, so what i'll do is re-package it into a nice little apk. give it to the guy who made the original for his own thread since he's the one who really deserves credit. I'll also host it on my website for easy access, but i'll keep it off the market. I will review the market agreement to see if I can make a little link button to my own hosted webpage within the app for ease of use.
  23. danyvw

    danyvw Well-Known Member

    That will be better. Good luck and thanks in advance for the app. Many esteem owners will appreciate it.
  24. vipinbeniwal

    vipinbeniwal New Member

    finalturismo ur work is great

    could you please tell me any way to execute this script for rooting android phone at run time in my android application.

  25. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    if you notice this thread is 3mos old ;)
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