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  1. Guitarman

    Guitarman Active Member

    On i saw a story about one click root. so i read about it and i downloaded the app that lets you root your android device but i'm not sure if i should do it. Can this app root the mytouch 3g?? And is it safe to use?

  2. DThor

    DThor Active Member

    Don't trust it, anymore than you'd trust an executable on your pc that promised free sex. If it's legit, there would be a lot more information out there about it. Let someone else brick their phone or get their personal info stolen. Even if true, it would indicate a serious kernel exploit.
  3. therobloe

    therobloe New Member

    I used the one-click rooter with zero problems. It replaces the recovery console - I was able to back up my whole phone, wipe it, place a ROM image, and recover the original phone through it.

    My only issue now is finding a ROM for myTouch that works with Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.
  4. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

  5. Shane_pcs

    Shane_pcs Member

    I used the one click root and it worked perfectly and easily. If you want to root, then do in now as I am sure this hole will be closed.
  6. Guitarman

    Guitarman Active Member

    Once you get to the recovery screen what do you do from there?
  7. Shane_pcs

    Shane_pcs Member

    select the flash from any Sdcard or something like that. Then select the flavor of OS you want to run. Cyanogen's latest is always a good start.
  8. lethal

    lethal Well-Known Member

    with that kind of answer and no knowledge whatsover, GTFO
  9. Mormegil

    Mormegil Well-Known Member

    Just installed Cyanogen's latest stable build (and latest build) - 4.0.1

    WiFi definately works, I think BT does too (worked on the last release).

    Multitouch browsing is nice too.
  10. Darrenrichie

    Darrenrichie Member

    I have used this app to flash my phone 4 times since Monday! I have used 2 cyanogen builds and 2 hero builds. I have an up to date G1 phone in the UK that had never been rooted before and after using this app I can now flash my phone at will! All I would suggest is having a spare SD card and back up your original image onto that so if anything should happen you will always be able to revert back (accidental wiping of card etc.). Nandroid within the app allows you to back up to SD. Do this then use another card to put the ROM you want to flash on and go for it. It also helps to have a microSD card reader. I am currently on the latest Cyanogen build and the differences are great.
    This app makes rooting nearly fool proof, follow the instructions on the website it details and you'll be enjoying the benefits in no time.

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