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  1. pablotech1

    pablotech1 Active Member

    I thought the update was out already, is it only for international version??
    Any good keyboards I can download for 1 hand typing? Something more compact...

  2. fuzzyreets

    fuzzyreets Well-Known Member

    Looking for this too. Any luck?
  3. __nocach

    __nocach New Member

    Try this one. Can't imaging typing with one hand without it =)
  4. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    Anyone download it yet?
  5. wWHYsoSIRIUSs

    wWHYsoSIRIUSs Member

    looks good so far havent really used or messed around with it cause i just downloaded it but it lets u shrink the keyboard as small has u want it i have mine set at 70% so i dont have to stretch my thumb to far, So far it looks like its going to work good
  6. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    I tried it...its terrible! Using the Perfect Keyboard with an ICS theme.

    Unless u have GIGANTIC HANDS one handed typing is pretty much out.
  7. Fred G. Vader

    Fred G. Vader Well-Known Member

    Have you tried Swype? I have no problem using it one handed, then again i have pretty big hands.
  8. wWHYsoSIRIUSs

    wWHYsoSIRIUSs Member

    does perfect keyboard allow you to shrink the size of the keyboard i want to try it but dont want to pay 2.99 if it dont shrink the size, i found that onehaned keyboard around 70% is the size of the iphone keypboard when its not in landscape
  9. wWHYsoSIRIUSs

    wWHYsoSIRIUSs Member

    also , just realized if u hold ur finger down on the "tap to enter" part then select input method then select samsung keyboard it has differnt options. the samsung keyboard will let u change to a 3x4 keyboard what works like a old cell pj=hone where u have 3 letters on one number, i ried it a little bit seem fine for typing

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