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  1. drchud

    drchud Member

    im thinking of getting my wife the One V. right now she is using the Triumph. one thing im concerned about is the signal levels of the one v. previously we both had the optimus v which got great reception (-95 to -105 Db) at home. when we switched to teh triumph i immediately notices the very weak signal it picked up at home (-111 to -115Db). i really want to get her the one v but only if it gets better reception than the trumph. has anyone noticed anything with their signal levels being low? thanks

  2. dobbs69

    dobbs69 Well-Known Member

    I've never had a triumph but I did have an optimus v and my wife has the Elite. My One v gets the same signal as both my old ov and wife's Elite. Don't know if that helps. Have to say I love my One v.
  3. SleepyheadKC

    SleepyheadKC Member

    I replaced an Optimus with a One V about 3 weeks ago. I don't monitor the db numbers, but I've noticed no difference in signal. I'm very happy so far with the One V.
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  4. prepaiduser

    prepaiduser Active Member

    my one v signal fluctuates a lot whereas my optimus v held pretty steady. i have had no major problems with calls or texts though
  5. Fleetster

    Fleetster Member

    I live in a very weak signal area, both my HTC One V and my old Wildfire suffered with little/no signal meaning i couldnt text or call unless i was at the back of the house upstairs, however my sons old LG Optimist and his new Sony Tipo work fine.. Very odd!
    My wifes (Sorry in advance) Iphone 4s has slightly more of a signal than my V but still drops signal making calling & texts difficult.

    Are some phones better than othes for signal or is it just concidental?
  6. Zombie591

    Zombie591 Well-Known Member

    My One V has great signal where I live, but in some areas I had 0 service. My friend was able to receive clear calls on Straight talk there though..
    It all has to do with your providers coverage in that area. He is with VM now with the Wildfire S and only place in the house to get service is propped up just right on a window in the very back of the house lol but Straight Talk is fine there. Another friend lives about 2 miles down and I have great signal, and his Straight Talk has next to nothing. They live in the middle of no where..
    Other than that one house though, My One V hasn't really had a bad signal anywhere.

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