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One Week Old phone charing stuck at 90%Support

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  1. zyberboy

    zyberboy New Member

    I got a Motorola defy plus one week ago, phone is working perfectly but phone is not charging to 100% , it gets stuck at 90% all the time.
    Tried charing with wall charger and through usb, also tried charging after turning off the mobile with a wall charger but its not getting past 90% .

    I am using orginal charger that came with the phone.

    Does this implies that my phone has some hardware problem? :confused:

    Any solutions please?:(

  2. wadb

    wadb Member

    Do you have stock firmware or a cooked rom? If you have stock firmware (Android 2.3.5) battery levels shows in steps of 10% or 20%.
    My advice: discharge it completely, then charge it 12 hrs. Then calibrate battery with any program in Play Store (download it previously).

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