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One X+ on AT&T - Bluetooth Call Quality Issues?Support

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  1. Janthkin

    Janthkin New Member

    Picked up a pair of One X+ phones last night, and paired them with a) my car; and b) a Plantronics headset. Call quality, frankly, sucks - in the car, it's poor; on the headset, it's useless; I can't make out more than 1 word in 3.

    Meanwhile, using the headset to listen to music via bluetooth is fine; no issues.

    Anyone else experiencing like issues?

  2. bigoldthor

    bigoldthor Member

    Yes, I am. Not in a car, but on two separate Plantronics headsets. I've paired and unpaired a couple of times with no improvement. Calls sound tinny and muffled on the headsets. They sound fine on the handset. If I can't fix it or it doesn't improve, I'll be taking it back for a different unit.
  3. BDA45

    BDA45 Member

    I picked up my One X+ on Friday, set it up and on Saturday paired all of my Bluetooth devices. Exact same problem: through the car's built-in hands-free the phone sounds like is is on max volume, the speakers buzz and hum, (it sounds like if there was an equalizer attached, all levels are at "10") the voice quality is so poor that I dont really want to use it. Called ATT and HTC, tried all the diagnostics they suggested, tried two different One X+ phones, same thing. Tried adjusting the BT volume on the phone and on the various devices (car, Jabra and Jawbone) and no change. :mad:

    GOOD NEWS This afternoon I spoke to HTC again, they said they are aware of the problem and are working on an update / fix, perhaps as soon as 2-3 weeks. I can live with the problem that long, no need to trade out the phone. :)
  4. Pappy35

    Pappy35 Well-Known Member

    By waiting though you risk not being able to simply return it for another model should HTC not deliver on their promise. I would be wary. One Rep's word over the phone won't mean a thing to AT&T later if HTC doesn't deliver. What if it turns into 2-3 months or never?

    Not trying to be a Donny Downer, just saying one should be wary of verbal promises when dealing with just about any product. I'd return the thing and check back in 2-3 weeks, or monitor this forum for feedback.
  5. BDA45

    BDA45 Member

    You are absoluetly correct. However, considering how quickly HTC fixed the WiFi glitch on the One X after it was known, and how they had their a** handed to them by Sammy, I think it is a safe bet they will not let this problem linger around. They have too much riding on it and the other 3-4 devices being released now to let a simple quality issue affect sales. Besides, for me, I had already decided I could live with the problem for a while because I liked the phone that much. The problem is an annoyance, not a deal breaker.
  6. bigoldthor

    bigoldthor Member

    Glad they gave you the update information. I started another thread here today saying RIP HTC One X Plus. All the phones in the store did the same thing. Unlike you, I wasn't willing to wait for a fix since I'm on my BT headset a lot. Plus, as the earlier poster said, it's possible the problem could drag on and end up being a hardware problem.

    Regardless, it's a sweet device, and I hope they take care of you quickly. :)
  7. Paddy_R

    Paddy_R Member

    I have my one X + hooked up to a Parrot MKi9100 Bluetooth hands-free device on a regular basis and the sound quality is perfect for voice calls and music. I wonder if there are slight differences in the phone depending on where the phone was sold, I'm in the UK.
  8. droidiac13

    droidiac13 New Member

    You can add me to the list of people suffering through this ridiculous flaw. Crap in the car and on my Plantronics.
  9. BDA45

    BDA45 Member

    Music plays as fantastic as ever, only calls seem to be affected on BT. I dont know about the UK phones, I have only heard about the US phones on ATT. As was mentioned above, keep an eye on your 14 day return window. HTC should put out a fix, but at this point don't know when, only that they are supposed to be working on it.

    Called HTC again. It was suggested that if those experiencing the problem would either call HTC (866) 449-8358, or log onto their web site, and report the problem, the issue would get expedited sooner (IE, the squeeky wheel...).
  10. dmlv

    dmlv Member

    Funny...I am the first to return or go back to my previous device with an issue like this. However, I like every single thing about the One X that I can hold out for a few weeks. Media audio through BT is fine, it's voice.
    Such a nice improvement all around vs the One X and even the GS3 I sold.
  11. Segfault

    Segfault Well-Known Member

    I just got my blueant headset paired with my one x+ last night and the sound quality was crap. I previously had it paried to a Captivate where it sounded great. I was hoping that it was just bad cell reception. I guess I'll see if this gets fixed soon.
  12. iHavoc

    iHavoc New Member

    I also have this issue and even had the phone replace at the ATT Store, but still the same issue. I called HTC Support last week and at the time they said they were unaware and that the more complaints that come in about it the faster it will get fixed. So everyone who has this issue (and it is probably everyone who owns this phone on ATT) please call or email HTC so that it gets fixed.
    Otherwise I love the phone.
  13. Luckyfinch

    Luckyfinch New Member

    I have had horrible blown out call quality but great music quality I got a new phone thinking it was the phone but the issue remained the same. I have contacted HTC through email and called several times. They say its the manufacturers. I called two manufacturers who then said it was the phone manufacturers. I finally got a representative to open a ticket for the issue but they do not seem willing to even admit that there is an issue. So I would not hold your breath for a fix.
  14. Dazrin

    Dazrin Member

    That is exactly my story, right down to the Captivate. I may take mine back since I am getting near the end of my 14 day window. I have a couple more days.
  15. BDA45

    BDA45 Member

    I would go ahead and return it now; be sure to reverse and save your upgrade. Otherwise your 14 days are gone and you won't get another 14 days with any replacement. In other words, whatever you get to replace the One X+ will be yours for the next two years, no 14 day grace period. Return and reverse means you don't get a different or replacement phone, you go back to your old one. You will have to start from scratch at some point in the future when you are ready to choose another phone.

    But, doing it this way can cause two problems: you will likely be charged a restocking fee ($35) and; they won't refund the upgrade fee ($36) you already paid - that means you will have to pay it again with the next upgrade. This will make your next phone actually cost $71 more than what you will pay for it.

    Here is how to fix both problems. As you are reading this right now, call 800-331-0500 (but keep reading); after confirming your number and ID, press "0" then press it again. This will take you to Customer Care. Be POLITE, DON'T GET ANGRY (they are there to help you and you want them to sympothize with you) but be firm. Explain the problem and that you want to return the phone. There is a design flaw that HTC is aware of and is working on, but who knows how long it will take.

    Tell them how disappointed you are in the fees policy and that you are being charged for a problem / condition that is not your fault; after all, you LOVE the phone and really want to keep it. If only the BT worked properly, because you use your BT most of the time you are on the phone, and your state law (probably) requires hands-free devices. You dont want some other phone no matter what is offered, you want the One X+!

    Ask if there is any way they can waive or credit the restocking fee, and if they can credit back the first upgrade fee. If they will do only one, ask nicely if they would notate your account to waive the next upgrade fee that you will be charged when HTC issues the fix and you re-purchase the phone. Who knows, if you do everything right, are very polite and get a nice representative, you may get all three.

    Call a couple of times if necessary, build your claim file, even if you have already returned the phone to the store. If you don't get the credits on the first call, the second one might take care of it. Have you already called ATT Support / Tech to report the problems? If not, do it first and start the complaint file. All of the notes are in the same place and can be read by all of the ATT personnel, even those in the corporate stores, so be nice; if you are a jerk to one of the reps, the notes will reflect it.

    If you have done everything possible to report and try to fix the issue first, they are more likely to give you back your $$, as opposed to someone who sounds like they just changed their mind about the phone and now wants to avoid the fees (which is the primary reason the fees are charged in the first place). ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS BE POLITE - it works.
    Dazrin likes this.
  16. cleave34

    cleave34 Member

    I have the same issue with two plantronics BT devices, but a BlueAnt Q2 works great. Fix would be nice as I like the fit of the plantronics better. Will contact HTC.
  17. Dazrin

    Dazrin Member

    I returned my HTC One X+ today on the last day of my 14 day window. Had them test my bluetooth on the display phone and they tested a couple other bluetooth headsets on my phone, none of them worked, so I returned it and had them revert my contract upgrade because of this issue. There aren't any other phones that I really care for right now, the GS3 feels too flimsy, the note is too huge, and the iP5 is an iPhone...

    I just spent $200 on a phone upgrade, I don't want to spend another $100 on a new bluetooth because the phone doesn't work with mine (which is only 4 months old).

    Didn't have any real issues returning it, just be polite and let them know that you do like the phone and there aren't any others you are interested in right now. Hopefully they will update this soon and I can get one again!

    My old Samsung Galaxy S (Captivate) is a huge downgrade!
  18. jwpalmer

    jwpalmer New Member

    I just got my OX+ on Dec 9th, and it's unusable with handsfree in the car (2010 Prius). Also tried pairing with 2012 Acura MDX, similar bad call quality.

    The other party sounds distorted, like the amplification is set too high, and there is clipping occurring. There is so much distortion it's not usable.

    I put in calls to HTC help line mentioned here, and via the web site, and was basically given the message that they were not aware of the issue, and although it might be fixed at some point, they can't guarantee when.

    The email reply was really nice:


    Thanks for contacting HTC Technical Support Center in regards to your HTC One X+.

    We understand how important it is to synchronize your HTC device with your car, Jeff. Regarding your question Bluetooth manufacturers make their devices to be compatible with our phones. We do not make our phones to be compatible with the thousands of Bluetooth devices in the market. Bluetooth manufacturers conduct the testing to see if complete compatibility is achievable. It is the software in the Bluetooth devices which dictates whether they work or not.

    What I can recommend you is to unpair the device and pair the device with your Bluetooth again; our software in the phones ensures that the phone can pair and turn on the Bluetooth. Anything else goes to the Bluetooth manufacturer for troubleshooting.

    That got me nowhere fast.

    Returning it, unfortunately.
  19. BDA45

    BDA45 Member

    Contacting HTC by email will not result in any satisfaction. You need to call in and ask that your call be ESCALATED; that department does know about the problem and what is going on. They are still in the research-and-information gathering stage, so the more direct contact they have, the better/quicker the solution will be. But you are right to return the phone. I figure it may take another month or three to fix, and by then the "M7" will be released and it should be to the One X+ what the One X+ is to the Vivid. :p Maybe the BT problem is a blessing in disguise? :D
  20. Dillyo

    Dillyo New Member

    Registered here to add to the discussion. I just recently purchased an HTC One X+ and immediately ran into this bluetooth issue you all describe. Phone call quality was horrible on 4 different bluetooth sets: Voyager 520(2), Voyager Pro, and the Jawbone Prime all had an awful, horrible sound which made it impossible for me to use the phone.

    By your suggestion, I purchased a blueant Q2 today and am now enjoying clear call quality. The salesman at the AT&T store mentioned that the bluetooth 4.0 technology is giving people problems across the spectrum. iPhone 5 users are apparently reporting problems as well he said.

    I, however can not attest to this. I did notice that the Beats Audio is now enabled with the new blueant Q2 headset. With the other earpieces, Beats was disabled and could not be used with the device (grayed out). This may be the problem.

    Any thoughts? Or is this thread dead?
  21. TrekkerB

    TrekkerB New Member

    I am two weeks into the phone and like everyone else very happy except the poor bluetooth audio quality. I just receivced my blueant Q2 and the audio is now excellent. I also like the voice dialing, it may be the first one I can actually use, need more testing to be sure.
  22. kpjenk21

    kpjenk21 New Member

    i am also one of the happy/unhappy people. 2 weeks in, and i love the phone but the bluetooth quality is bad! i synced it up with my car 2012 chevy cruze. Though i can hear the caller, the sound is distorted, very high, and scratchy, which makes it hard to understand what the person is saying. won't be returning the phone as it's not that much of a burden on me as it is on some others, but definately a pain in the butt to try to decipher what the other person is saying. hope they come out with a fix sometime!
  23. Pranav10

    Pranav10 New Member

    Facing similar bluetooth audio quality issues. First I replaced my One X+ because of the drastic battery drain. Just came across their bluetooth audio issue after 14 days!!! SO now going to call the HTC care & hoping to get an update soon...
  24. H0g4n

    H0g4n New Member

    Same issue on my Telus HTC One X+ here in Canada. Tried the phone on three Bluetooth systems (two ear pieces and one car speaker phone), all sounds terrible on my end with lots of background noise. The individual on the other end says that I come through loud and clear though.

    I think that it's safe to say at this point that this is a software issue with Sense 4+ on the HTC One X+ and that all units are affected.

    Personally I am going to keep my One X+ since I don't actually use Bluetooth very often, but I can see how this would be a deal breaker for lots of people. I will call HTC on Monday and also report my findings in order to help escalate this issue.
  25. cleave34

    cleave34 Member

    also have two newer motorola BT sets work great and a Jabra Cruiser 2. Maybe issue has to do with the version of BT on the headsets.

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