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  1. Shallowthing

    Shallowthing Member

    I finally got my micro-SIM problems sorted out, so this morning I am testing the HTC One X+ out "in the wild" for the first time. Another disappointment: No haptic feedback. The device doesn't vibrate when I press the keys. "Fine", I thought, "I'll just tinker with the settings". I went into device settings, went into the sound menu, and there is the "Vibrate on Touch - Vibrate when buttons are pressed" option right down at the bottom... except it's greyed out, and can't be selected.

    EDIT: Scratch that, there's nothing wrong with the device - I'm just an idiot. The phone has defaulted into power saving mode without me noticing, and that disables the haptic feedback option. I never knew that!

    I'd ask for this post to be removed - I embarrass myself in public often enough as it is - but you never know, it might prove of help in the future to anyone as slow of thinking as I am. Heh.

  2. Jigsama

    Jigsama New Member

    Just to support you: I made the same mistake :) Spent the last 10 mins browsing the web for a solution. Never knew what 'power saving mode' actually did when I turned it on... Rookie mistake. Anyhow, thanks for pointing this out!
  3. Supersnake

    Supersnake Member

    Thanks for that heads up information. Am a newby to smartphones and I can use all the information I can get, especially information that trips up even the non virgin users.
  4. Shallowthing

    Shallowthing Member

    Thank you for taking the time to say that, you two - I appreciate you helping to make my face slightly less red!

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