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  1. NaNaNiii

    NaNaNiii Active Member

    I've bought a used One X and realized that it's rooted. CID is VODAP102 so it looks like its going to be a while till it gets the JB Update. It's currently running a stock rom (i think). Android version is 4.0.3 and Sense 4.0. There's an 139MB Update for it but a error message "your phone may be running a modified version of its software" appears and wont go through with the update.

    Is there a easy way to UNROOT the phone? or is there a rom out there with Sense 4+ and Jellybean that will work on the phone?

    I haven't ever used a rooted phone before so have no idea what to regarding flashing etc. Any help is much appreciated, thanks

  2. TarekElsakka

    TarekElsakka Well-Known Member

    I could write a whole page, give you links, and post guides but that would be a waste of time as everything is found under this thread:

    There are ways to unroot, and there are custom ROMs if you want to get Jelly Bean without having to wait for the official version to come out. You'll find Sense-based Jelly Bean ROMs in the link I posted as well as non-Sense Jelly Bean ROMs. Just read the guides and you'll be fine.

    If there are any more questions please don't hesitate to ask. And congratulations on your purchase!
  3. NaNaNiii

    NaNaNiii Active Member

    Thanks a lot for your reply. I've decided to go back to stock using the RRU Method however i'm not sure on which RUU to download. The software version on the phone is different to the one that shows up in CMD.



  4. TarekElsakka

    TarekElsakka Well-Known Member

    Just stick to what the command prompt says. The "161" in the var key is your region code, which means you should look for the latest RUU with the code "161" in it. So you have at the moment, so if I am not mistaken the latest RUU for your device is this:

    FileFactory Premium


    If Filefactory doesn't work or requires a premium account, just google the file name "RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_S_Vodafone_UK_2.17.161.4_Radio_2.1204.137D1.21_release_280390_signed.exe" and it'll most likely come up with several sites hosting it.

    Keep in mind that installing an RUU usually wipes the device completely of any data on it, so be careful.
  5. NaNaNiii

    NaNaNiii Active Member

    Yeah i've just got the phone so no worries about data. I'll try the RUU in your link. Thanks

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