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  1. BlueWRXPride

    BlueWRXPride Member

    I'm moving from an iPhone 4 and looking to get either the HTC One X or the One X+. The S3 is technically still under consideration, but I think I like the HTC better) My question is, do you think the One X+ is worth the extra money over the one X? The only real difference that I can see is the processor is now quad core clocked at 1.7GHz. The ram is also doubled to 64gb, but for my needs 32gb is enough, so the memory is a non issue. It also has a larger batter, but with the extra cores I don't know if that translates to longer battery life. And it comes with 4.1, but the One X should be getting 4.1 soon anyway.

    I'm seeing some black friday deals with the One X being only $50 or even free, where as the One X+ is going to be $200. I have a hard time convincing myself that the better processor will be worth a $150 or $200 premium. Any thoughts?

  2. Supersnake

    Supersnake Member

    I believe you will be better able to answer your own question, and feel more confident for doing so, after looking at the following thread.

    There are more differences between the two smartphones than what you have stated.
    differences between htc One X and htc One X+
  3. BlueWRXPride

    BlueWRXPride Member

    Yeah, I realize that there are a few more differences, but I felt like the ones I mentioned were the most significant. I was more asking for people's opinions on if those significant changes were actually worth the premium. Would I obviously notice the better performance from the quad core chip under normal use?
  4. mush10

    mush10 Well-Known Member

    I have had a One X and picked up the One X plus today. Since you are coming from an iPhone 4, am I correct in assuming you will have this phone for the next two years. If so, definitely go with the X +. The storage alone will be beneficial in the long run. I do think the processor makes it a better performing device, but that could still be placebo effect of the new device. I just think you will future proof yourself more with the X +. Both are excellent devices though. Good luck with your decision.
  5. BlueWRXPride

    BlueWRXPride Member

    Yeah, I do plan on having the device for the next 2 years. Have you had the one X+ long enough to get a feel for the battery life? Does it last as long on a charge as the one X did? I'm guessing the two extra cores and the extra battery capacity probably balance each other out to very similar battery life.

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