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  1. Skipdawg

    Skipdawg Well-Known Member

  2. panther2469

    panther2469 Well-Known Member

  3. blackepoxy

    blackepoxy Well-Known Member

    Yeah, without the 4+1 core...Fail!!!

    It's gonna have to have a dual core 1.5ghz snapdragon processor due to Tegra 3 LTE incompatibility... I think... :(
    Which pretty much means...


    WHAT!?! :eek: now i have seen it all...

    The next unofficial nexus phone...
    The hTC nexus One X ... 4+1...
    Seems like hTC is catching on to what people really want...

    Can it run Crysis?
  4. Skipdawg

    Skipdawg Well-Known Member

    I see there are a few in the HTC One line now. The One XL going to AT&T so where will the One X go? Hmmm??

    Upcoming HTC Phones
  5. blackepoxy

    blackepoxy Well-Known Member

    To Tmobile, as a G series phone with the full on quad core (4+1) processor and have stock Android 4.0 "vanilla" UI to boot... (rumor)^^^

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