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  1. burmesterbob

    burmesterbob Member

    Cant buy any goods on line, after entering any secure site, my FT3 just locks up. Using Dolphon HD browser as previously advised.

  2. John1712

    John1712 Member

    Have you tried using the default browser or Opera for android?
  3. burmesterbob

    burmesterbob Member

    Hi, yes I started using the default browser, and another forum member suggested Dolphin HD, have also tried Opera but with no success, is this a common fault with this tablet ?. I can browse perfectly but the problems only occur when you try and pay for anything on-line.
  4. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    As the tablet hasn't got a sim it hasn't got a proper IMEI number. It may be that this is the source of your problems. When using a proper phone how is the debit made? do you know?

    It is only recently that the tablet has been tweaked to even just see paid for apps and I am yet to see a post where someone has actually paid for and received a paid app on the FT3. If you have a mobile then buying the app on there and using dropbox or similar to get it on the tablet seems to be the most popular method.

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