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    This thread is a great idea!
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    cranky_dan's dropbox referral link. <--- click for Dropbox goodness, *and* get an extra quarter gig for your trouble.

    Thanks! :D
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    Referral for drop box... link bellow

    works well with nexus one. Dropbox is basically a free online storage application for all your smartphone mobile device and computers. The files stored are automatically synced in real time. it's quick with the storage. It could work as an alternative method for uploading music files or pictures to and from your computer and android phone. i havent tried large files like a movie file.

    you start off with 2 gig, but it grows 250 mb at a time.

    i have to see if this can work on my secured computer at work. if it does, this application would defiantly be a great idea for syncing files with Android Tablets in the future.

    if you guys think of any good use for this applications besides all the regular word, excel, ppt and music sync let me know~

    oh yah you can send invites to ppl to share items in your DropBox too
  17. Lefort1

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    This might seem a LITTLE self-serving, but I'm also doing this for all of you.

    If anyone wants I can "refer" you, both of us get an extra 250MB of space. So if you plan on signing up and you want 2.25gigs instead of 2gigs, click here:

    Again, you don't have to, and I wouldn't post it if it only helped me... but this will actually help everyone who uses it... and I would suggest being referred to the site over just signing up.

    Edit: for those who aren't sure what Dropbox is, let me explain it - because this is the #1 reason I switched from a blackberry to the incredible. Dropbox enables you to have a single "folder" on your desktop, for instance, that synch's with the dropbox website. Your phone can then access the website and retrieve all of the files. If you update a file on your phone, it pushes the update online, and your computer will update accordingly with the newer file. If you update a file on your computer, the dropbox website updates with the newer file... and you can then retrieve that file with your Android smartphone. It also has a "shared" folder that you can share with friends. Def worth a try!
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    Hmmm... This late into the thread I doubt this will get used, but if you're new to the Dropbox world and haven't created an account yet, then use this link for an extra 250MB space:

    Enjoy and thanks if you do.
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    Dropbox is available for Android! If you haven't used it, I highly recommend it. And if you haven't, please use this link as I (and you!) get more space: . It allows you to sync files across computers/phones/etc. My wife and I use it to share files throughout the day. You can use it as a personal sync (plus backup) or share it with others.

    Now I finally have my password system fully synced. Here's what I did: Install Keepass and Dropbox on everything I use (Home PC, Work PC, and now Droid). Put your Keepass database IN Dropbox. It will sync it (and back it up) on their secure server. Now I always have my passwords with me, no matter where or what I'm on.

    These passwords are secure too. Here's a randomly generated one: ifB7grda9TyBO5WJqGXd. No way I'd remember it, but Droid remembers for me.

    So give Keepass and Dropbox a chance. And if you do, please use my referral link! You get 250MB extra as well!
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