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  1. Thonmas

    Thonmas New Member

    Ur, u guys can download the upgrade tool for ZTE U960, the cell phone will be more useful~~I have tried it.

  2. catty62

    catty62 Well-Known Member

    Where I can find it to download and try?
  3. lli

    lli Active Member

    My chinese is non-existent, but this link
    ZTE-T U960 - ????

    third tab, second orange button, leads to something that could be some updater. (184Mb).

    I do not have the phone (yet), so can't check.

    The first orange box downloads the manual, the third a file:
    SPFAQV1.0.0B02.apk (780 Kb)
  4. mrdolar

    mrdolar New Member

    can anyone confirm that it is working?

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