Only 100MB of built-in memory?General

  1. sh0ck3r

    sh0ck3r Member

    After downloading about 6 apps, I'm already down to 50MB. I know it won't run out immediately, but after a few months when the apps really start to fly off the market I may be a little concerned...

    Anyone else feel the same way?

  2. cwalger

    cwalger New Member

    I certainly am. I starting thinking about this way back when I was reading android's sdk and how 'closed' access to the SD card is. This will obviously be a huge problem and Google is going to have to allow installation of programs on the SD card. It It will likely be a difficult design problem for them to overcome, but the present limitation almost makes the market pointless.
  3. sh0ck3r

    sh0ck3r Member

    okay, good. at least now i don't feel like i'm crazy. lol i tend to be a resources nut after working with computers for so long. there's never enough! >_<

    i mean c'mon, the new blackberry storm is going to have 1GB of onboard memory. what also adds to my concern will be my POP emails... but that's another thread of its own. (it has already been made!)
  4. sh0ck3r

    sh0ck3r Member

    allow me to correct myself...

    the storm will be shipping with 128MB internal memory and an additional 1gb flash card, like the G1.

    still, after over a years worth of email from 3 different accounts and multiple third party applications yet still never went under half the 64MB internal memory. those were downloaded directly to my phone and not "accessing" them I had an 8GB SD card but that's only good for music, pictures, and ring tones. not email and apps.
  5. Oberox

    Oberox Active Member

    I agree that really sucks ass!

    Why does the iPhone gets up to 16GB ???

    Can anyone explain me why Apple can get 160 times as much memory on a device as HTC can??? The G1 is newer, the amount should be increased...
  6. natv

    natv Member

  7. drustvold

    drustvold Well-Known Member

    Simple answer: price.

    The 8Gb/16Gb iphone is $400/600 with new activation vs the G1 which is $180. So if you want to spend 2-3x as much yeah, you'll be getting a huge solid state drive. What you also get is stuck with what you have as there is no removable memory card.
  8. Dimath

    Dimath Active Member

    8 gb micro sd card ~$30! Well, may be more, but not even close to $100. It's not an issue, since we can not install the applications into the sd card anyway.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but the mounted image for /system folder, where the applications are sored, is only 64mb, and about a half of it already used for a system, media etc. That left very few space to play with, indeed. Mounting sd-card folder to the /app directory can solve the problem and allows to use sd-card for storing the apps, but I belive Google must do something with it by itself as an official solution.
  9. sh0ck3r

    sh0ck3r Member

    whoa whoa whoa... who's paying $400/600 for an iphone? I think you meant to say "UNDER $200".

    if you're saying an 8Gb iphone is $400, then so is the G1. I bought my G1 w/o a contract for $400. If i went with the 2 year contract, then yah, it would have been $180.

    same with the iphone... iphone is $180 w/ 2 year contract and $400 without.

    equal price, much less than equal hardware capabilities.

    iphone hardware > HTC dream

    iphone software < Android

    It's as simple as that.
  10. niftydl

    niftydl Member

    Yeah you can, search the market. :p
  11. Razor1973

    Razor1973 Member

    Huh? Search the Market for? As far as I knew, you couldn't do this with the current firmware, period. My memory has been full for 2 weeks now and I need to keep uninstalling applications in order to install new ones.

    Care to share more info please? :confused:

    By the way, if you are referring to AppsInstaller, this allows you to install applications from the SD card. What the poster you replied to said was "we can not install the applications into the sd card".

  12. niftydl

    niftydl Member

    I stand corrected, my bad :)
  13. Razor1973

    Razor1973 Member

  14. mgp32

    mgp32 New Member

    I ordered my G1 a few days ago and will be recieving in about a couple weeks. This is the one thing that has me worried about the phone and I'm almost thinking of cancelling the order becuase of this. Do you seriously think this will get solved? Also, for those of you that are deleting the apps and than re-installing it later when you need it, how big of a hassle is this and how much time does it take? Thanks for any info....
  15. natv

    natv Member

    Installing / Uninstalling apps is really easy (just go to 'Market' and 'Your Downloads' and then click 'uninstall' on the app)

    But I agree the small phone memory will be very limiting as more apps come out.

    I would think even as updates to the phone come out over time they will be larger and larger and take up more of the avail space.

    I just purchased an 8GB micro SD card and have it in my phone, I really wish I can use that of that space for applications now and in the future.
  16. roddoyle55

    roddoyle55 Member

    If you are like me,u have a computer at home and at work. My G1 covers my life in between. Most of the apps either i dont need or get old quick. I now have all the games and apps i like on an every day basis and i still have 25 MB left. Keep your cache clear on your browser and get even more. Next year when we will start paying for games/apps the real good ones (like on the iphone) will start popping up for sale. These will prob be 6 MB and up. by then i hope we can have a way to store exe on rom and data on sd or both on sd. Right now i have no problem with mem size except the math does not add up to reported storage/rom size we are supposed to have and what is reported on the app "system monitor".

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