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  1. sb65

    sb65 Active Member

    So I have moved everything I can to SD, cleared the cache, deleted the data for most apps, and am still concerned about what is using all the space. I really don't have all that many apps. The top space hogs are:
    Contacts Storage: 38M
    Facebook: 18M
    Adobe Flash Player: 17M
    Facebook for HTC Sense: 16M
    Words w/ Friends: 12M
    Mail: 11M
    Maps: 11M
    Dialer Storage: 9.5M
    Handsent: 8.6M

    Why would Contacts use so much space?

    Which Facebook do I need? I saw that my contacts had been linked twice, once to the FB contact and once to FB for HTC, so I deleted about 1/2 of the HTC links, but it did not seem to make a difference on space used. Would like to uninstall whichever one is not needed.

    Any ideas on where to look to see what is eating all of the space, or is this just the way it goes? Wondering if it is worth doing a hard/factory reset and then reinstalling the apps, contacts, etc to see if it gets rid of whatever is eating up space.


  2. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands VIP Member

    The one issue I've had from minute one with my shift is lack of internal storage... The good thing is, you can put a lot of apps on your sd card... Try this; Menu hard key>settings>applications>manage apps>all> then look at each app. Some you will be able to move to your sd card. Don't move any that have widgets that you use, but everything else move. It should free up a bunch of space for you.
  3. sb65

    sb65 Active Member

    I've already moved every app to my SD card that I can. Seemed like I had plenty of space until the 2.3 upgrade. I wonder if there are a bunch of junk files leftover from the upgrade or something that I can get rid of.

    Still very curious about which FB I need as well.
  4. sig sauer

    sig sauer Well-Known Member

    From my understanding fb can't be uninstalled or deleted, forgot which exactly.
  5. tjhuot

    tjhuot New Member

    A couple of apps I installed which helped the low memory issue and the loading problem are ASTRO file manager, and Auto Memory. Astro File manager helps with easily cleaning the caches, and Auto Memory helps to kill off and clean memory at a user set interval. Rooting is not necessary for either of these apps to help.
  6. sb65

    sb65 Active Member

    TJhout - my problem is mainly contacts taking up 38M, which is ridiculous. Somethign must be duplicated multiple times in them. 38M is a boatload of space.
  7. geekofagirl

    geekofagirl Member

    I've seen the contacts get bloated quite a few times. Try this:

    Make sure all your phone contacts are synced to your Google account.
    (If you're not sure where your contacts are saved: people > menu > view > options section, and make sure Phone is 0. If you need to move them to Google: people > menu > export to SD (phone contacts); menu > import from (SD to Google).)

    Go to settings > accounts and open EACH account that is set to sync contacts and uncheck sync contacts (gmail, facebook 1, facebook 2, twitter, quik, whatever).

    Then, settings > applications > all > contact storage: clear data.

    Back to settings > accounts and open each account again and recheck sync contacts.

    During this you won't loose any contacts, but it'll take out all the bloatedness and shrink your contact storage to about 4MB. :)
  8. sb65

    sb65 Active Member

    Thanks geeko***irl! Right now my contacts are only at 4K after those steps, but none of the contacts are linked to FB so no pics ... I assume it will eventually download the FB pics to each contact. When I try to sync to FB it gives an error of "Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly". No clue what that is about.

    Def nice to not have that 38M contact file sitting on my phone!
  9. geekofagirl

    geekofagirl Member

    Once they are synced with facebook, it still shouldn't be as large as it was.

    You might try logging out and back in to fb and see if that helps with the syncing. Or just clear the fb data in your apps (which will most likely free up some more space for you as well).
  10. owiefxr

    owiefxr New Member

    Dont do it!!! It completely wiped all of my contacts permanantly from my phone. It is a total disaster!!!!
  11. geekofagirl

    geekofagirl Member

    If any contacts were lost, it was due to them not being synced as described.
    This method will never permanently remove synced contacts (no matter with which account they are synced).
  12. hud316

    hud316 Member

    Ditto, done this before scrolling down to your message....arghhh
  13. tjhuot

    tjhuot New Member

    Follow the directions exactly. Make sure before you begin be sure to export your contacts (all of them) to the SD card. Then, make sure all of your phone contacts are on your Google account. If not, manually add them. Turn off sync for the Google Account for now. Once that is done, you can delete all of your contacts. Then go into Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications. Select All. Go to Contacts Storage and clear all data. Your contacts storage will be empty. Following that, turn on sync for your Google Account and the contacts will reappear just fine. You will no longer have "phone contacts", but all of the data should be on Google and you will have them on your phone. If you have any questions about that, be sure to compare each entry before you delete your phone contacts. If you find a phone entry that is not on Google, manually add it.

    I found the culprit to the bloat was the Facebook App. I quit using it and use the Web interface for Facebook, which works better anyway, and the contacts won't come down and pollute your phone with unnecessary data. I reduced my Contact Storage from 38 MB to 1.6 MB by doing that. The phone is much more responsive since there is quite a bit more memory available.

    I think no matter what, as long as you export all of your contacts you should be able to import them back if everything fails. I did not try it, since I did not have to.

    Good Luck and be careful! ;)

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  14. gogopokergirl

    gogopokergirl New Member

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, geeko***irl! I went from 22.95MB down to 11.86 MB! That's awesome!
    I would like to reduce my dialer storage. Is that possible? Its @ 69.93MB now. Crazy!
  15. geekofagirl

    geekofagirl Member

    You're not going to want to delete it directly.

    The usual culprit that I find is picture mail, secondarily, just a ton of text messages.

    Go through your messages and save any pictures you want to keep to your SD card (long press> Save Picture). Then delete them from the text message. This will usually significantly lower the dialer storage.

    If you have hundreds (and especially thousands), of text messages per conversation, that will also greatly impact your dialer storage. My recommendation is to delete anything you're not completely attached to--and then turn on "Delete old messages" and message limits (Messaging> Menu> Settings> Storage Settings> Delete old messages (as limits are reached)).
    You can set this up however you like. I keep mine at 200 text messages per conversation and 10 multimedia messages per conversation.

    If you're the type that can't stand loosing messages, I also recommend: SMS Backup by Christoph Studer.
  16. New Member

    I have been battling this on my Android (HTC Evo) and frankly am fed up with how difficult it is to manage. Still, everything Geeko***irl has said makes total sense and works. You do have to be careful how you go about it. I have captured the wisdom I have found in one place... This worked for me, but I'd caution folks to be VERY careful and do their research (as to not end up where others who have posted on this string):

    All Things Most Awesome - Life, Tech, Food, Restaurants... You name it.

    One more thing - RE: eliminating the contacts bug... Two things:
    1. Your contacts need to be synced to Gmail for this to work from what I know. I save all my contacts to my gmail account, not to my phone (it is a choice on my evo when you create a contact).
    2. Once you sync then delete your contacts to deal with the contacts bug, it takes about 24 hours for your contacts to build from your gmail contacts. It was annoying, but my Contacts came back much smalller.

    Good luck! Geeko***irl and other experts - would love your thoughts on this post, and the blog entry, and anything you'd add/change.
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  17. tjhuot

    tjhuot New Member

    This is really simple. Get rid of the Facebook App. (Uninstall all of the updates for Facebook app, and delete the account from your phone. You don't need it. Use the web instead.) Sync all of your contacts to a gmail account. Go to the gmail account and double check that they are all there. Once you know that every contact you want to save is on that gmail account, you are safe. You may want to verify this by going to contacts ("People" on the home screen) and be sure you have no phone contacts that are not on gmail. Check this by going to People -> View. If you have phone contacts, check this because once you proceed they will be gone.

    Once you are absolutely sure you have everything you want on your gmail account, Turn off sync to gmail to be on the safe side. Then go to Settings -> Manage Applications -> All applications ->. Look for contacts storage. Delete the data. It will go to 0 bytes.

    Turn sync back on for the gmail account and a clean set of your contacts will appear. I reduced my contact storage from almost 40 MB to 2.4 MB, and I now also put pictures on many of them. I do most of the contact editing on gmail rather than on the phone. You will also have to update your profile photo if that matters to you.

    I have done this a couple of times and it made a huge difference in performance. I never rooted my phone since I am a technical person by trade and I don't feel like doing this after a long day at work.

    Previously I was praising the "Auto Memory" app. I take it back. Once I removed it, that also freed up more memory and sped up my phone. My year old EVO Shift 4G runs just fine now. Also, to avoid having contacts not synced to gmail in the future, make sure when you add a contact you make sure you a the contact as Contact type "Google".

    Finally, don't download every app you see. There is definitely a memory limit on these phones. I am also not sure how much is actually cleaned up when you uninstall an app. It may not clean everything up completely.
  18. janelly1992

    janelly1992 New Member

    yeah i have the same problem, i have 208 mb of contact data, which is half of the internal memory, since this phone has the worst memory ive ever seen.
    i have been trying to figure out a way to move my contacts to my sd card like all other phones but theres no way.
    I have to delete all cache and data of every app everyday because i always run out of memory and it doesnt even let me text or play music until i find some memory.IT is annoying! wors phone ever!

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